All OnePlus Phones at the MKBHD Smartphone Awards (2024)

Did you know the original proposed names for OnePlus were “One” and “OPO”? Thankfully, they opted for the more memorable and brandable “OnePlus”. Over the past decade, OnePlus has consistently graced the stages of the MKBHD Smartphone Awards. Making significant contributions to the smartphone landscape. Despite its influence, not everyone may recognize the brand behind these acclaimed devices.

All OnePlus Phones That Won MKBHD Smartphone Awards (2024)

Have you ever wondered how many OnePlus phones have earned recognition at the MKBHD Smartphone Awards? Buckle up; we’ve got all the details for you. A total of eight OnePlus phones have proudly seized the prestigious MKBHD Smartphone Awards, underscoring OnePlus’s commitment to delivering outstanding smartphones. Let’s embark on the OnePlus journey and uncover which models secured these accolades.

You may be asking, how many OnePlus phones have won the MKBHD smartphone awards? Interestingly, eight OnePlus phones have triumphed at the MKBHD Smartphone Awards. Showcasing the brand’s dedication to excellence in the smartphone industry.

Which OnePlus Phones Won the MKBHD Smartphone Awards?

Out of the eight OnePlus phones that claimed MKBHD Smartphone Awards, each emerged as a champion in specific categories. We’ll explore these distinct categories and their respective winners, providing a glimpse into OnePlus’s consistent pursuit of excellence.

  1. 2014: The Value – OnePlus One
  2. 2015: The Value – OnePlus X
  3. 2016: The Value – OnePlus 3T
  4. 2017: The Value – OnePlus 5T
  5. 2018: Phone of the Year – OnePlus 6T
  6. 2019: Phone of the Year – OnePlus 7 Pro
  7. 2022: Bust of the Year – OnePlus 10T
  8. 2023: Best Foldable – OnePlus Open

Therefore, OnePlus’s journey unfolds across a timeline of value-driven models and groundbreaking innovations. Each iteration contributes to the brand’s legacy, demonstrating a commitment to pushing boundaries and providing users with exceptional experiences.

Why OnePlus Phones Are Winning the Best Value in MKBHD Smartphone Awards

OnePlus has carved a unique niche in the smartphone industry, consistently winning accolades for its incredible value proposition. While flagships from other brands often come with hefty price tags. OnePlus phones pack premium features and performance without breaking the bank. But what exactly makes them the “Flagship Killers” they’re known for? Let’s dive into the key factors behind their Best Value wins:

  1. Top-Tier Specs at Mid-Range Prices: OnePlus doesn’t compromise on performance. Their phones regularly boast the latest processors, fast RAM and storage, and smooth displays, rivaling much more expensive options. The OnePlus 10T, for example, offers the powerful Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chip and a beautiful 120Hz display. Making it a powerhouse for gamers and multitaskers alike, all at a significantly lower price than its competitors.
  2. OxygenOS: A Clean and Smooth Software Experience: Gone are the days of bloated software with unnecessary apps and intrusive UI. OnePlus’s OxygenOS is renowned for its clean, bloatware-free interface and near-stock Android experience. This translates to a fast, responsive phone that feels snappy and enjoyable to use. Updates are also timely, ensuring your phone stays secure and receives the latest features.
  3. Flagship-Level Features without the Frills: OnePlus focuses on essential features that enhance the daily use experience. Many of their phones boast fast charging, excellent cameras, and stunning displays. To Ensure you have a premium experience without paying for unnecessary extras. The OnePlus 8T, for example, offered incredibly fast 65W wired charging, a capable triple-lens camera system, and a vibrant AMOLED display, all at a compelling price point.
  4. Community-Driven Innovation: OnePlus listens to its users. They actively engage with their community, gathering feedback and incorporating user suggestions into future devices. So, this ensures that their phones cater to the needs and desires of their core audience. Which leads to features and functionalities that truly resonate with tech enthusiasts.
  5. Breaking the Mold: OnePlus isn’t afraid to take risks and experiment. They’ve ventured into unique territories like the Nord line offering excellent value in the budget segment, or the innovative OnePlus Open, their first foray into foldable phones. This willingness to try new things keeps the brand exciting and unpredictable. Ans also constantly pushing the boundaries of what a “Best Value” phone can be.

So, OnePlus’s consistent wins in the Best Value category stem from a unique blend of powerful specs, user-friendly software, essential features, community engagement, and a touch of daring innovation. They offer flagship-level experiences at accessible prices. That makes them the go-to choice for tech-savvy users who prioritize value without sacrificing performance or quality. And with their continued focus on these key factors, OnePlus looks set to retain its “Flagship Killer” throne for years to come.

Best Foldable – OnePlus Open

Giants like Samsung, Google, and Oppo have their hands in the foldable market with their latest foldable offerings. The Z Fold 5, the Pixel Fold, and the Find N. These tech titans boasted cutting-edge specs, refined designs, and hefty price tags. Seemingly destined for the “Best Foldable” crown at the MKBHD smartphone awards.

But then, the unexpected happened. A dark horse emerged from the shadows, defying all predictions and claiming the coveted title: the OnePlus Open. So, how did the OnePlus Open, a newcomer to the foldable scene, manage to pull off this upset victory? Let’s dissect the reasons behind its unexpected triumph:

  1. Striking a Balance Between Cutting-Edge Tech and Affordability: While its rivals emphasized luxury specs and premium materials, the OnePlus Open took a different approach. It offered a blend of powerful internals, including the latest Snapdragon processor and ample RAM. Alongside a stunning folding display, without a price tag that would break the bank. This focus on accessibility resonated with tech enthusiasts who appreciated the value proposition. Proving that top-notch foldable experiences didn’t require a luxury car budget.
  2. Software Smoothness and Simplicity: One of the biggest critiques of early foldable phones was their clunky software optimization. The OnePlus Open surprised everyone with its OxygenOS, known for its clean interface and smooth performance. This familiarity and responsiveness, especially in its multitasking capabilities, offered a user-friendly experience that stood out amidst the often laggy competition.
  3. Innovative Design with Practicality in Mind: Unlike some competitors who prioritized a sleek, ultra-thin form factor, the OnePlus Open prioritized practicality. Its unique folding mechanism offered a more usable tablet experience, with a larger unfolded display and a more comfortable grip. This focus on everyday usability, rather than just aesthetics, won over users who wanted a foldable phone that seamlessly integrated into their daily lives.
  4. The Underrated Power of Community Feedback: OnePlus has always been known for its active and engaged community. They leveraged this strength by incorporating user feedback throughout the Open’s development. So, this resulted in features and design choices that addressed real-world pain points, giving the Open a user-centric edge that its rivals lacked.

The OnePlus Open’s victory serves as a reminder that innovation isn’t always about packing the most cutting-edge tech or having the highest price tag. Sometimes, it’s about finding the right balance between technology, affordability, user experience, and practical design. Therefore, by doing just that, the OnePlus Open defied expectations and proved that even a newcomer can leave its mark in the competitive arena of foldable phones.

Also, it is rumored that the next OnePlus smartphone will be packed with AI features. Not only that, it will launch with Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. The smartest, fastest, and most efficient chip out yet. So, 2024 looks pretty great for OnePlus, and will get a spot in the MKBHD smartphone awards of 2024.


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