Why You Shouldn’t Believe Everything You Read About Superman

Have you ever taken any of your prime smart devices and searched for Superman Vs Goku, Superman Vs Luffy, Superman Vs Gojo, or any anime characters? Well, most of all you see Superman loses almost all the time against all these anime characters. But what if I told you that it is none of them are completely correct? I understand your confusion: “What is this guy saying? “. You’ll know in a minute.

Why Superman vs Anime Characters Articles Are Always Wrong


Superman is one of the world’s most recognizable and iconic superheroes. One of the most potent characters in the DC comics universe, he is well-known for his moral integrity as well as his extraordinary strength, speed, and durability. However, a lot of web publications tend to oversimplify and disregard critical details when comparing Superman to anime characters. In this article, we’ll delve more into the reasons why Superman isn’t treated fairly or accurately in every web article that compares him to an anime character.

Anime Characters at Maximum Power Vs Basic Superman

For the fact that anime characters are constantly growing and gaining new skills, one of the main reasons comparisons between Superman and anime characters in articles are inaccurate is that they frequently show these characters at their highest level of power.

So, if we compared Superman to an anime character, the anime character usually has an unfair edge. Compare Superman to the well-known anime character Goku from Dragon Ball Z, for instance, and Goku would be able to use his Perfected Ultra Instinct, whereas Superman would only be able to use his base skills. Everyone is aware that Superman, in his basic form, is invincible.

Superman’s Ultimate Form: Superman Prime Or Superman One Million

Superman does, however, possess a degree of “maximum power,” known as Superman Prime or Superman One Million. We know a version of Superman who has attained the height of his power and prowess as Superman Prime. Before the fight even starts, Superman Prime, in this form, could easily defeat practically any anime character. The fact that Superman Prime has the power to change reality and time, giving him a distinct advantage over all anime characters, is one explanation for this.

Maybe except for Gojo, who is incredibly powerful. He can fly faster than the speed of light, obliterate galaxies, and bench-press planets without breaking a sweat. He also has a body that is almost impervious to harm. Furthermore, someone as fast as Minato would appear to be moving slowly in a fight due to his superhuman strength and speed, which would make him very impossible to beat.

Absorbing and Harnessing the Energy of Stars Would Make Him Stronger Than Most Anime Characters

Another reason why Superman Prime would be able to defeat almost any anime character is that he can absorb and harness the energy of stars. As a result, he would have access to an almost infinite supply of power, making him even more potent than any anime character. With this power, he could potentially destroy entire planets and even galaxies.

Even Goku will kneel before the almighty Superman Prime. You might want to argue, but have you ever seen Soku destroy a sun, or do you think he can do it? It is not possible, the radiation will kill him because his body can not handle it. What about Gojo, with his infinity layer of shield surrounding him? Probably, every character has their limits, no matter how they have been overpowered.

Some Anime Characters or Abilities are Just Too Overpowered Over Superman’s

They make not all anime characters equal. It is crucial to remember this. Some anime characters. To let you know that not all articles are wrong. Like Saitama in One Punch Man, are portrayed as being virtually unbeatable and could compete with Superman Prime. Superman Prime will face severe opposition from figures like Saitama, who possesses the power to defeat opponents with a single punch.

Also, Gojo to form Jujutsu Kaisen. He is extremely overpowered (Yes; I know I have said it many times). He is just too powerful. I don’t even know how someone can even defeat him. However, for the abilities now. A character like Yami from black clover is not overpowered, but he has an overpowered move. You guessed it, dimension slash, he is supporting the dimension in half. No one can defend that no matter what kind of defense you have when Gojo goes to.

Moreso, if a character can turn you into a pen or chair or sand, you wouldn’t even have a chance to beat that character because, well… You are a book.

Conclusion Why Every Superman Vs Anime Character Is Wrong

In conclusion, it’s crucial to keep in mind that Superman is typically presented at his base power level when compared to anime heroes, who are frequently displayed at their highest power level. However, Superman could easily overcome practically any anime character if he were to achieve Superman Prime, his highest power level.

The comparison is not always straightforward because each anime character is unique and has its own set of skills and talents from Superman. In the end, everything depends on how each character’s unique skills and talents stack up against one another.

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