Ant-man And Wasp 3: Quantumania In-Depth Review | Good, Mid & Bad Scenes

I just watched Antman and Wasp 3 Quantumania yesterday. It was not a good movie but was not as horribly bad as other people claim. Marvel tried on the CGI and graphics of this movie, compared to what they did on Black Widow. The plot is also good, but not all parts. This is not just a regular review of Antman and Wasp 3 Quantumania. Here, I will be listing out all the good parts, mid parts, and bad parts of the movie.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania Review: Good, but Not Great

Good Parts Or Scenes That I Liked In Antman And Wasp 3: Quantumania

After watching the movie, some scenes are the main highlights of the movie. Below, I will list out all the good parts of the movie or the parts of the movie that I liked.

  1. Jonathan Majors (Kang) in Antman and Wasp 3 stole the whole movie. He even stole the after-credit scenes.
  2. I also really liked that Jelly creature-thing who was asking about “holes”. I also like the way the creature runs.
  3. Another thing I like is that there wasn’t forced unnecessary comedy. I mean that all the funny moments were not a product of man-childishness, but just pure comedy.
  4. I like how they treated the language barrier. It was nicely done, resolving the language barrier with the red “ooze”. It follows logic on how the humans did not miraculously understand the aliens. Also, the aliens too don’t just automatically know the human language.
  5. Micheal Douglas, the original Antman saving the day. I like how they did it with him, using his high-tech army of ants to save the day.
  6. We finally got to see and know what the original wasp (Janet) was doing for 30 years in the quantum realm.
  7. I Utterly *LOVED* seeing Kang swatting Antman and Wasp so easily, like slapping away flies. This showed us how Kang is more powerful in a direct fight.
  8. I liked how they designed Kang’s suit or costume. The suit was comic-accurate with accurate coloring.

Mid Parts Or Scenes In Antman And Wasp 3: Quantumania

Here are the parts or scenes of the movie that are just in the middle. Meaning it’s not good, and it’s not bad. Here is the review of those mid-parts of Antman and Wasp 3: Quantumania.

  1. Darren Cross (MODOK) is unintentionally funny in all the good ways which I think the writers intended. Also, the writers explained how he became MODOK pretty well, it makes sense in my opinion. Although MODOk is not Darren Cross in the comics. Live-action MODOK wouldn’t have been done any other way visually. Given the character’s odd design, the quantum realm is the best place to use him without it being too weird. Considering the quantum realm is full of all kinds of weird creatures.
  2. The one-on-one fight between Kang vs Antman (Scott Lang) was not that good from a choreography point of view. Although Kang completely dominated Scott Lang again, proving his better experience in combat, I was pleased. This shows that he has fought Avengers in the past.

Bad Parts Or Scenes In Antman And Wasp 3: Quantumania

Unlike the previous header, this is just outright bad scenes or parts of the movie. All movies are not perfect, but these bad parts are just noticeable, and I would like to share them here. Here are some of the bad Antman and Wasp 3: Quantumania review I noticed.

  1. Scott Lang’s daughter is good, but it’s just too default a Marvel female character. The MCU like making its female character a super genius just like that. Yes, she is the daughter of a superhero, but that doesn’t mean her IQ will multiply. She is just too stiff and I don’t like the character. Although the only thing she did that I liked was when she convinced MODOk to stop acting the way he was acting.
  2. I don’t like how there were a lot of humans in the quantum realm. Not only that, they didn’t give any explanation on how or why they are there.
  3. How come most of the higher sentient quantum realm natives are bipedal and where did the human-looking quantum realm natives come from?
  4. I don’t like how they didn’t show Kang killing some of the Avengers in alternate timelines. We could have seen it when Janet tapped into the Kang ship. That was a big missed opportunity.
  5. Kang should have been much more powerful. Despite this criticism, they still did a lot to explain why he is NOT as powerful as he was or should be. Though he should have had a better fight against the high-tech ants. After all, for someone like Kang who had destroyed and killed entire timelines, many of which *possibly* also had many super-powered people. Then he should have been more formidable against the 3 waves of attack. Anyhow, the writers tried to make sense that Kang was not as powerful as he was or should be. But he still had to be overwhelmed to be beaten. The first wave is the Antman family, the second wave is the revolution of the quantum realm natives, and the final wave is the MASSIVE assault of the Ant army. I acknowledge this effort by the writers, which would have been okay for a villain centered only in the quantum realm or a one-off bad guy. Although the writer’s efforts on Kang are insufficient because Kang is supposedly a Multiversal level threat and is the big bad for the entire new phase of the MCU.
  6. How come Kang’s tech and semi-robot army were not that advanced? The fact that he travels through timelines should at least make his technology more advanced. Anyhow, perhaps he had limited resources from being stuck in the quantum realm.
  7. Why were the quantum realm beings so ancient until Kang arrived? I may be presuming here because they did not show us much of what quantum realm societies were like before Kang. All we saw was just Janet and some weird alien animals.
  8. The Wasp (Hope) was a glorified passenger in this story. With very little to do with the parent-child bonding theme of the story. There was also a missed opportunity to apply this arc across the 3 generations of the family. Finally, they made no effort or even hinted at how the ashing of Antman/Lang may have affected Hope. Maybe all this is on the editing room floor, but perhaps this movie would have benefited from just an extra 10 minutes.
  9. How can they breathe down there in the quantum realm? Shouldn’t air particles be MASSIVE in the Quantum realm, no? This is something else that they missed.

Final Thoughts

Just like I said, this is not just a regular review of Antman and Wasp 3 Quantumania. It is like an in-depth review. This movie should have been much better, but it wasn’t as unforgivable and horrible as people said. Also, I still think THIS VERSION of Kang is alive, NOT dead, somewhere in the multiverse.

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