Bedrock/Uniben Tertiary Scholarship for Undergraduates 2023

Apply for the Bedrock/Uniben Tertiary Scholarship for Undergraduates 2023 today!

Bedrock/Uniben Tertiary Scholarship for Undergraduates 2023

Aspiring for a degree at the prestigious University of Benin? Bedrock Human Development Foundation has your back! We’re thrilled to announce the 2nd Edition of the Bedrock/Uniben Tertiary Scholarship Scheme, your gateway to academic excellence and career fulfillment.

This initiative, tailored specifically for students like you, is designed to fuel your academic journey and propel you toward graduation. Whether you’re passionate about engineering, medicine, business, or any other field offered at UNIBEN, this scholarship can be the missing piece to completing your dream degree.

But wait, there’s more! This scholarship isn’t just about financial aid. It’s about recognition, empowerment, and belonging. We commit to supporting deserving undergraduates, giving priority to those from underprivileged backgrounds and the Edo/South-South regions.

Scope of Applicability for the Bedrock/Uniben Tertiary Scholarship

The Bedrock/Uniben Tertiary Scholarship is available to students pursuing various courses at the University of Benin. These courses include, but are not limited to:

  1. Accountancy
  2. Architecture
  3. Chemical Engineering
  4. Computer Science
  5. Economics
  6. Entrepreneurship
  7. Electrical/Electronic Engineering
  8. Geology
  9. Law
  10. Mechanical Engineering
  11. Medical Sciences
  12. Optometry
  13. Petroleum Engineering
  14. Pharmacy
  15. Education

Eligibility Criteria

To ensure a fair and transparent selection process, we require applicants to meet the following eligibility criteria.

  1. Academic Standing: Applicants must be in their 200L and above.
  2. Academic Performance: A minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.5 and above is mandatory.
  3. Age Requirement: Applicants must be less than 22 years old.
  4. O’level Results: Candidates must possess 5 O’level credit passes, including Mathematics and English, obtained in a single sitting.
  5. Priority Consideration: Priority will be given to indigent/less privileged students and those of Edo & South-South origin.
  6. Exclusion: Students currently benefiting from similar awards from other companies or government agencies are not eligible to apply.

Application Process for the Bedrock/Uniben Tertiary Scholarship

Interested and eligible students can apply by completing and submitting an online application form at Applicants must provide valid and functional email addresses for seamless communication throughout the application process.

Bedrock’s terms and conditions will apply to all applications, and shortlisted applicants must take part in a scholarship selection test. Only eligible and shortlisted candidates will receive contact for the subsequent stages of the selection process.

Application Deadline

The organization has set the deadline for submitting applications at 2 weeks from the date of publication. Prospective applicants are encouraged to act promptly to ensure they meet the deadline and increase their chances of being considered for this prestigious scholarship.

In conclusion, the Bedrock/Uniben Tertiary Scholarship is a testament to Bedrock Human Development Foundation’s commitment to fostering educational growth and human capacity building. By supporting deserving students in their pursuit of higher education, Bedrock aims to contribute to the development of a skilled and empowered workforce that will drive positive change in society. Also, as we embark on this educational journey, let us seize the opportunity to invest in the future leaders who will shape a brighter tomorrow.