Call of Duty: Mobile Launches Dedicated Servers in Nigeria in Partnership with Carry1st

Call of Duty: Mobile Launches Dedicated Servers in Nigeria in Partnership with Carry1st.

Calling all Nigerian Call of Duty: Mobile players! Activision has joined forces with Carry1st to launch dedicated servers specifically for Nigeria. Some months ago, rumors were flying around on Tiktok and X (Twitter) that Codm had launched servers in Nigeria. It was not officially announced by Activision, so it was considered nothing but a rumor. Which was covered here: Call of Duty: Mobile Server In Nigeria – Is It Happening? However, it has now been confirmed.

Call of Duty: Mobile Launches Servers in Nigeria with Carry1st

Call of Duty: Mobile, a mobile gaming phenomenon launched almost four years ago, has taken a significant leap in enhancing the gaming experience for Nigerian players. Activision, the game’s publisher, has collaborated with Carry1st, a prominent mobile games publisher, to deploy dedicated servers catering to the Nigerian gaming community. The server launch was announced on December 1, 2023, and since then, Nigerian gamers have reported significantly accelerated ping speeds.

This positive development follows a successful server launch and local campaign orchestrated by Carry1st in South Africa in 2022. Additionally, the mobile gaming publisher’s involvement in events like Comic Con Africa and rapper Nasty C’s Ivyson Gaming Tournament contributed to substantial growth in the player base. Resulting in Call of Duty: Mobile almost doubling its active users in the South African region.

New Average Ping of CODM in Nigeria

Nigerian players, who have long been vocal about the need for dedicated servers, are now reaping the benefits of faster gameplay. With some reporting impressive ping speeds as low as 20-30 ms. This improvement addresses the challenges faced by players who experienced severe latency issues. Providing a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience within the region. The PlayCODMobile account on X (Twitter) even tweeted it on December 5, 2023.

Here’s a glimpse into the ping speeds reported by players on X (Twitter):

  1. 25 milliseconds
  2. 22 milliseconds
  3. 28 milliseconds
  4. 20 milliseconds
  5. 30 milliseconds

These ping speed reports, sourced from Twitter users, indicate a significant decrease compared to the previously experienced 90 to 110 milliseconds. Highlighting the positive impact of the dedicated servers. The reduced latency is offering players a smoother and more responsive gaming experience in Call of Duty: Mobile. And maybe will help you get that one-scope sniper headshot.

Carry1st Confirms Server Launch

Carry1st, a key player in this collaboration, confirmed the news through various channels, including X and the My Broadband team. The partnership has not only brought about technical improvements but also strategic promotions to celebrate the server launch. Players in South Africa, Nigeria, Morocco, Egypt, Ghana, and Kenya can now avail themselves of a 20% discount on COD Points and Battle Passes through the Carry1st Shop.

COD Points, the official in-game currency of Call of Duty: Mobile, enables users to purchase various in-app items and weapons. The CODM Battle Pass, a rewards system, offers players the opportunity to progress through tiers and earn exclusive rewards. Which includes gun camos, outfits, weapon blueprints, and even more COD Points than regular players.

To take advantage of the promotion, players need to follow a simple process on the Carry1st Shop website. They can select their desired COD Points package or Battle Pass, input their COD: Mobile Player ID, validate their in-game name, and complete the purchase using local secure payment methods. The acquired COD Points will be instantly added to their COD: Mobile accounts.

The Call of Duty: Mobile Dedicated Servers in Nigeria

This collaborative effort between Carry1st and Activision signifies a positive trend in the gaming industry, reflecting the growing number of players in Africa. Nigeria is now the second country in Africa to have its dedicated server, following the successful launch in South Africa. The servers are expected to benefit other West African countries like Ghana. This marks a significant step toward creating a more inclusive and enjoyable gaming environment.

As the mobile gaming community continues to expand, games like Call of Duty: Mobile could potentially pioneer a new era of African gamers. Offering an accessible and affordable alternative to traditional PC and console gaming. Also, the partnership’s success emphasizes the importance of addressing the unique needs of diverse gaming communities. Ultimately contributing to the global growth of the mobile gaming industry.