Google Launched Chromebook Plus: The Best ChromeOS Experience Yet

Google is introducing a new category of Chromebooks called Chromebook Plus.

Google Launches Chromebook Plus: The Best Chrome OS Experience Yet

Google has announced a new category of Chromebooks called the Chromebook Plus. They are devices that are designed to offer more performance and AI capabilities than old Chromebooks. This makes them ideal for users who need a powerful and versatile laptop.

What Is the Chromebook Plus?

As we said, the Chromebook Plus is a new category of Chromebook. It can deliver more of what you need at the price point you want. These devices will need to run on a higher standard of hardware and software, which delivers a better overall experience for users. It’s a collaboration between Google and the largest Chromebook OEMs, including Acer, Asus, HP, and Lenovo.

Chromebooks have become increasingly popular in recent years, but with so many different models on the market, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. And when weighing the pros and cons of switching from a Windows to a Chrome OS, it is just not worth it. But, this device uses systems with high-performance specifications, which is now a game changer.

In addition to improved performance, the new ChromeOS Plus devices also come with many AI-powered features. For example, the devices can use AI to improve video call clarity and lighting, cancel background noise, and blur backgrounds. Google is the company that knows their way around AI. So, if they are doing the same on their laptops. This makes the devices ideal for working from home or participating in remote learning.

Exclusive Features Of the Chromebook Plus

Chromebook Plus devices also come with many exclusive software features. Just like the features that the pixel and pixel watch got to the Google feature drop event. Here are the features:

  • Magic Eraser in Google Photos: This feature allows you to easily remove unwanted objects from your photos.
  • File Sync: This feature automatically downloads your Google Drive files to your Chromebook Plus, so you can access them even when you’re offline.
  • Adobe Photoshop on the Web and Adobe Express Premium: These apps allow you to create and edit photos and videos on your Chromebook Plus.

The new ChromeOS Plus devices will also receive future updates that bring the power of Google’s AI capabilities directly into ChromeOS. For example, the devices will gain the ability to provide AI-powered writing assistance, generate images, and create generative AI backgrounds for video calls.

Chromebook Plus devices are available starting at $399. You can purchase the devices from major retailers in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Hardware Requirements

Chromebook Plus devices must have the following hardware requirements:

  • Intel Core i3 12th gen or above.
  • AMD Ryzen 3 7000 series or above.
  • 8GB or more of RAM.
  • 128GB or more of storage.
  • 1080p webcam with temporal noise reduction.
  • Full HD IPS screen or better.

Software Features

Chromebook+ devices will have a number of exclusive software features, including:

  • Improved video calls: The new ChromeOS Plus devices use AI to improve video calls in a number of ways, including better lighting, background noise cancellation, and background blur.
  • Adobe Photoshop on the Web and Adobe Express: The users will get three months of Adobe Photoshop on the web and Adobe Express for free.
  • AI-powered writing assistance: The new ChromeOS Plus devices will get new AI-powered features like writing assistance and generative custom wallpapers and backgrounds.

The New Chromebook Plus Laptop Lineups and Their Prices

Existing Chromebooks that meet the hardware specifications will also receive the same software perks, ensuring a consistent user experience across different devices. Here is a list of the new Chromebook+ laptops and their starting prices:

  • Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5i Chromebook Plus starting at $499
  • HP Chromebook Plus 15.6″ starting at $499
  • ASUS Chromebook Plus CX34 starting at $399.99
  • Acer Chromebook Plus 515 starting at $399
  • Acer Chromebook Plus 514 starting at $499
  • HP Chromebook Plus x360 14″ starting at $699
  • ASUS Chromebook Plus CM34 Flip starting at $499.99

As you can see, there is a Chromebook+ laptop to fit every budget. Whether you are looking for a basic laptop for everyday use or a more powerful laptop for work or school, there is a ChromeOS laptop that is right for you.

Availability and Where to Buy

Starting from October 8th, consumers in the United States can purchase the devices from major retailers such as Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, and Target. On October 9th, availability will extend to Canada and Europe, with further global releases planned for countries like Australia, India, New Zealand, and Japan. This synchronized global launch marks a significant step forward in the Chromebook market. Which ensures that users worldwide can access the devices.

Depending on the date, it might be announced during the Made by Google event or after.

Benefits for Consumers

Chromebook+ gives consumers a number of benefits, including:

  • Assurance of quality: The Plus devices meet a higher standard of hardware and software, so consumers can be sure they’re getting a quality device.
  • The best overall Chrome OS experience: The Plus devices are designed to deliver the best possible ChromeOS experience, with features like improved video calls, Adobe Photoshop on the web, and AI-powered writing assistance.
  • Clarity and focus: Thus Plus laptops provide some needed clarity and focus in the consumer ChromeOS segment. Consumers can now be sure that they’re getting a quality Chromebook with a great software experience.

Overall, it is a great new development for consumers. It provides a clear and concise way to find Chromebooks that meet a high standard of hardware and software.

Who should buy a Chromebook Plus?

Chromebook Plus is a great option for a wide range of users, including:

  • Students: Ideal for students who need a powerful and affordable laptop with AI-powered writing assistance.
  • Professionals: A good option for professionals who need a reliable and secure laptop with AI-powered video call features.
  • Creative professionals: A good option for creative professionals who need a powerful and affordable laptop for photo, video, and graphic design.