How To Use The Google Lens Feature To Search On Google Bard

Do you know that you can now use Google Lens to use images to improve your search on Google Bard? Well, you now can do it with the new update. A scenario where you saw an image and wondered what it was? Or maybe you wanted to find more information about a specific object or landmark in an image. If so, you’re in luck! Bard can help you search for information using images.

How to Use Images To Search On Google Bard - Google Lens
Image From Max Winebach

In this article, we’ll show you how to search for images using Bard. So whether you’re a curious learner or a professional researcher, read on to learn how to use Bard to search for information using images.

What Is the Google Lens In Bard Feature?

Google Lens in Bard is a feature that allows you to use images to search for information. It works just the same as the Google Lens. However, this one is integrated into google bard. This will give you more precise information on what you want.

Steps On How to Use Images To Search On Bard Using Google Lens

To use this feature, you have to follow these steps. Here are the steps on how to search for images using Bard:

  1. Go to the Bard website.
  2. On the search tab, click on the plus icon (+) button on the left. Click on it to open a menu where you can upload your image file.
  3. Click on the Upload File button. Browse your device for the image you want to use.
  4. Select the image you want to use for your search. You can also drag and drop the image file into the menu.
  5. Above the image preview. Type in your search terms. Be as specific as possible, and use keywords that are associated with the image you are looking for. Or specific information you want to get out of the image.
  6. Press enter or click on the search icon to start your search.

Google Lens will scan the image. After that, Bard will use the instruction text to generate the answer to your request.

Note: You can not upload 2 or more, just 1 image. If you try, it will only replace the previous image that you selected.

Here is the Image of the Smartphones by @MaxWinebach.



Bard is a powerful tool that can help you learn more about images. With just a few clicks, you can find information about the history of an image, who created it, or even what the image is depicting. So next time you’re looking for information about an image, be sure to give Bard a try!

Also, this is not the only feature that Google Bard got. It got a lot of updates. Get the details on Google Bard’s major update. If you have questions, please leave a comment below.