Exclusive First Look on The Google Pixel Fold (The First Google Foldable)

Have you heard anything about the new Google Pixel Fold from anywhere? If you have or haven’t, you will know more about it here. I can say with full confidence that Google is now rooted deep in the Mobile Phone market. With their Pixel 7 Pro, everyone who has ever doubted is now being proven wrong and Google is rising rapidly. Not only is the Pixel 7 Pro the most improved phone from last year’s model, but it is also becoming the best phone of the year Ranked by MRWHOSETHEBOSS.

But now we hear Google is daring to enter another pool of the electronic market, Foldable. We have been hearing rumors that there is going to be a Pixel Foldable in The usual expression ‘near’ future for a while now but all that was rumors. Not until we got a massive leak from FTP that the Google Pixel Fold existed. We even got not only images but, colors, names of colors, prices at launch, and release dates.

Exclusive First Look on The Google Pixel Fold ( With Leaked Photos)
From Fpt


We don’t have a lot but what we have now is just enough for you to get some picture of what to expect. Here are some of the information that we have gotten regarding the Pixel Fold.


Google is not playing, what I mean by they are not playing is they didn’t chill on the price of this device. They went all out with a launch price of $1,799 which is almost 2 Pixel 7 Pro’s. Well, if you think of it, it is 2 separate Google phones connected by a hinge.


From what we got, Google is keeping the colors of the Pixel Fold binary and simple. They only come in 2 colors: Chalk (white) and Obsidian (black). It is a phone/table but mostly a tablet so other colors won’t be that necessary.


With the information we got, they will set the Google Pixel Fold to release on May 2023. No exact date has been specified, but they could narrow it down to the month of release.


With the design of the Google Pixel 7 Pro being an enormous hit, Google is keeping that design with a few tweaks. The design we are talking about is the camera bump, with the Pixel 7 Pro having a visor across the phone. The Pixel Fold will also have a visor on one side of the foldable. However, this differs from the Pixel 7 Pro in the form that it does not extend from end to end. With all the external hardware like camera sensor, flashlight, and sensors all on the visor.

Also, the fold in its folded form is wider horizontally than other foldable, giving it more of a square look. With this square-like look, their screen will have equal length on each side when unfolded to its large screen form. Here are some designs made foldable.

  • The Pixel Fold also has a fingerprint scanner mounted at the side with also functions as the power button.
  • It has a hole punch camera on the smaller screen upfront.
  • It also has a dual audio system on the top and bottom of the foldable.
  • A type-c port on the bottom of the foldable.
  • Sim tray at the top of the foldable.

Another thing I forgot to mention is that they say the Pixel Fold is heavy, very heavy. This is because they made the Foldable with some kind of metal all around not with plastic polymers. The metal feel is way better, resistant, and more durable than plastics, so people wouldn’t mind that much.

Moreso, here are some of the other Pixel Fold pictures we could get.

Black and White Google Pixel 7 Camera Top View
White Chalk Google Pixel 7
Google Pixel 7 partial fold
Black Google Pixel 7 Camera Visor


Are you edited for the new Google Pixel Fold, I know I am. Moreso, really want to get the Google Pixel Fold to test out the new ecosystem that Google will make around their earbuds, pixel watch, phone, and soon-to-come Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet.

Are you as excited as I am? And will you be getting a Google Pixel Fold when it releases? Let me know your answers in the comment section below.