Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA VI) Rumors and Leaks

All Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA VI) Rumors and Leaks that you should know.

Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA VI) Rumors and Leaks

Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA VI) is one of the most anticipated games of all time. The GTA series is known for thier gameplay, immersive worlds, and characters. GTA 6 has been in development for nearly 10 years (A decade). So, Rockstar Games is definitely going to deliver a truly epic gaming experience.

However, Rockstar has remained tight-lipped about the game. Leaving fans to speculate and theorize. Luckily, many GTA 6 rumors and leaks have surfaced over the years. Which offers good glimpses of what to expect from the game.

Also, it is still too early to say whether or not GTA 6 will meet all of these expectations.

Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA VI) Protagonists: Jason and Lucia

Before we go into the leaks and rumors of GTA 6 and its exciting features. Let’s take a moment to get to know the main characters who will play ad in the game:

1. Jason

Jason is one of the protagonists in GTA 6. He takes inspiration from the notorious criminal couple, Bonnie and Clyde. Both of them hold a reputation as the most infamous criminal pair in American history. He will bring a unique mix of charm and chaos to the game’s story.

2. Lucia

Lucia is another GTA 6 main character. She is the first female protagonist ever in the GTA series. She is a Hispanic character, taking inspiration from Bonnie. A notorious bank robber from the early 1930s. She is voiced by Alexandra Echavarri.

Speculated Price Tag and Expected Launch Date

People are talking about the possibility of GTA 6 costing $150 USD because of the leaked information. This potential price point has raised questions about what the game will offer to justify such a cost. But I think that it is and it will.

Also, according to leaked Xbox documents, GTA 6 is expected to make its debut in 2024. This rumor has definitely turned some gear in the gaming world, as players eagerly await the next GTA game. The timing aligns perfectly with Take-Two’s projections of record-breaking revenue for fiscal 2025 (March 2024 – March 2025).

Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA VI) Rumors and Leaks

Now, let’s explore the rumors and leaks surrounding GTA 6 in more detail:

1. Unique Gameplay Features

The rumors suggest that GTA 6 will introduce many unique gameplay features, each aiming to enhance the player’s experience. Here are they:

  • Evil Cops and Racial Profiling: According to leaks, the game might feature cops who are racially profiling people of color. This is just like in real life. This is meant to make the game feel more like the real world.
  • House Robberies: A feature from a mission in San Andreas. House robberies are expected to make a return. So, you can look up to heists and robberies in GTA 6.
  • Immigrant Smuggling: GTA 6 is rumored to have immigrant smuggling activities. We don’t have details on it works but it might be an interesting game feature.
  • The ‘Hot Coffee’ Feature: Fans of GTA San Andreas will recall the ‘Hot Coffee’ feature. A feature that was cut from GTA San Andreas. Rumors suggest it might make a comeback in GTA 6.
  • Horse Riding Activities: Rumors suggest that horse riding activities will also come to GTA 6. This feature was in GTA 5 and may return in GTA 6.
  • 750GB Install Size: One leak claims that GTA 6 will require a massive 750GB installation. That is a lot but not surprising though, since the game is said to be triple of GTA 5 and has been in the works for 10 years now. It will also have a staggering 400 hours of gameplay. Which is 5 times that of GTA 5.

2. Real-Life Events in the Game

Another rumor says that GTA 6 will include real-life events like forest fires and hurricanes in its gameplay. Players can expect these dynamic events to add an extra layer of challenge and excitement.

3. Property Ownership and Improved Police AI

In GTA 6 you may be able to purchase property in Single Player mode. Furthermore, the game will improve Police AI. This will enhance the immersive crime scenes during investigations and interactions with law enforcement.

4. Unique Gameplay Mechanics

GTA 6 might introduce strategic elements like using homeless people as human shields during intense gunfights. That’s something that no other game can think of other than GTA. Also, the game should come with car customization features. This includes mirrors and sun visors, making vehicles more user-friendly compared to GTA 5.

5. Advanced Water Physics and Surfing

Anonymous leaks suggest that Rockstar Games has assembled a team of engineers. Engineers are called to develop advanced water physics. This potentially introduces surfing for the first time in the series.

6. Iconic Locations and New Experiences

You can also expect to revisit familiar places like the Malibu Club from Vice City and explore new cities. Cities like the Ocean View, Ocean Beach, South Beach, Washington Beach, and Little Haiti. The game promises diverse experiences in which you will encounter snakes, alligators, and cartels.

7. Dynamic Relationship System

The rumored dynamic relationship system between Jason and Lucia is one of the most exciting features of GTA 6. This will affect the storyline and dialogue of the game.

You could choose to have a close and supportive relationship with Lucia, or you could choose to have a more distant and competitive relationship. These choices could also affect the way that other characters in the game react to Jason and Lucia.

8. Messaging App ‘Whatup’

Another rumor says that an in-game phone system will integrate a parody version of WhatsApp called ‘Whatup’. This will offer a realistic virtual communication experience in the game.

9. Multi-Platform Launch

Rockstar Games may launch GTA 6 on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC simultaneously. This would mark a big milestone in the gaming industry. Because gaming companies release their games on consoles first before PC.

10. Explorable Buildings and Vehicle Navigation

Unlike GTA 5 and previous games, GTA 6 might allow players to enter more buildings within the game world. Additionally, vehicles may come equipped with built-in navigation systems. This is a feature that many people overlooked from the leaked video.

11. 6-Star Wanted Level

People think the game will introduce a 6-star wanted level, making it more challenging for players. Which will lead to intense military pursuits in tanks, helicopters, and jets. However, the military pursuits will take time to arrive as they are coming from their base. This will make it more realistic that military backup just spawns from nowhere.

12. Expansive Map and Regular Updates

Rockstar plans to update the game regularly by adding new cities. With Vice City serving as the main map. This commitment to post-launch content ensures that the game will be ever-expanding.

13. Realistic Police Details

This makes the police system in the game more realistic. Officers will recognize your vehicle, Also, they will take time to arrive at crime scenes, and give players a chance to surrender.

14. Dynamic Hair Growth System

Characters in GTA 6 might have dynamic hair growth and beard systems. This might eliminate the need for frequent trips to the barbershop. Or can further encourage you to go to the barbershop.

15. The Enormous Map

Rumors suggest that GTA 6’s map could be over TWICE as large as GTA 5’s, nearly tripling its size. This promises endless possibilities and activities for players.

It is important to note that all of these are just rumors and should be taken with a grain of salt. Although, Rockstar Games has not yet officially announced any information about GTA 6. Also, they might soon announce it. However, some of these rumors might be true. GTA 6 is sure to be the best game for a time after it releases.

Stay tuned for more news and insights into GTA 6 as Rockstar Games continues to reveal the secrets of their next masterpiece. Also, we will be updating this article as new rumors and leaks surfaces. So, be sure to share this article on check-in regularly so that you won’t miss out.