Hey Abby Grow Box Review: The All-In-One Hydroponic Grow Box

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Hey Abby Grow Box Review: The All-In-One Hydroponic Grow Box

Do you know that the best hydroponic system is produced by a brand-new business named Abby Hey? They are not well known, and I would suggest that those who are unaware of them are unaware of the benefits they may be receiving. Who wouldn’t want to grow their fruits or vegetables at home, especially fresh ones? I am sure I am.

I will cover everything you need to know about Abby Hey and its products in this post. You can read the content below and enjoy them.

What is the Hey Abby Grow Box?

Hey Abby, is the term the Gen Z’s used to greet, Nah just kidding. Hey Abby Grow Box is an automated grow box made by Hey Abby. The device allows its users to grow the most healthy and well-fertilized plants and vegetables all the comfort of their own homes. We can do this without the need to go out to a garden or farmland. Now, let’s get into how the device does its magic. But before that, let’s look at the prices.

Hey Abby Grow Box Price

The Hey Abby Grow Box is not inexpensive, but that’s a small price to pay for you to have this magnificent grow box in your household. The Hey Abby Grow Box is currently $999 on their official website. Also, if you want to purchase it using a familiar platform like Amazon, you will get the product there.

Click on Here to buy Hey Abby or click on this image to buy from Amazon. But hurry up because the Hey Abby website is giving away a 20% discount to new subscribers.

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Hey Abby Grow Box Subscriptions

The Hey Abby Grow Box comes with a free subscription package when newly purchased, but you will need to occasionally resubscribe to restock your hydroponic fertilizer. Here are the various subscription plans. When subscribed, you get numerous items. These items are.

  • 1 Sponge
  • 1 Plant Basket
  • 2 Activated Carbon Filters
  • 8 Abby Orignal Solid Fertilizer
  • Unlock One-on-One Support – This means that you would be able to get access to the community features of the mobile app

How Does the Hey Abby Grow Box Work?

Just like other Grow Boxes, the Hey Abby Grow Box uses technology to automate any condition required for a plant to thrive and grow healthfully. The automated Grow Box uses a Samsung LTPO lighting system located inside the compartment of the automated growth system at the top. This functions as the source of UV light for the plants because plants need UV light to thrive.

Inside the fully automated hydroponic grow box is a compartment at the bottom where the water and fertilizer are meant to go. Above that resides a vent where oxygen and moisture come in to keep the full photosynthesis process going. That is all regarding the internals.

On the external part, the smart grow box has a digital display up front at the top left side. This allows you to do some configuration and shows the conditions of the plant. Under that, there is a long-thing panel that seems hidden. It is a magnetic panel that you can detach that allows you to peek at the plant you are growing inside the smart grow box.

Note: In case you do not want anyone messing around with your plant, you can lock it and open it with a little metallic tool. Good for if you have kids around.

Hey Abby App

The Hey Abby Application is a mobile application that can be downloaded on the Play Store or App Store. Without a mobile app, the fully automated grow boxes can’t be called smart devices. The Hey Abby app notifies users if there is anything that they need to do or if there is an issue to amend before it becomes serious.

Also, the app allows you to automate the growth system in real-time. Not only that, but you can also control or command the automated growing system. The Hey Abby mobile app provides a one-on-one connection with the Hey Abby grow box and the user. It means you can give basic commands to the smart grow box like dumping in the fertilizer, tuning the temperature and moisture, and other commands.

You can also perform advanced or complex commands, like setting a timer for when a particular action should occur. Cloud climate control gives your plant the exact climatic conditions it needs. It is now simpler than ever to cultivate any variety and you do not need any experience or background knowledge to operate.

Apart from the Hey Abby mobile app has an active voice assistant. Unlike other smart automated grow boxes, this one has a voice assistant (this is one of the fastest voice assistants that have experienced). You can give the simple command to open the door, drop in fertilizer, tune the temperature and moisture and so many more commands.

Bonus Information

The one most important fact that you should since you got this far is that even the all-known Lewis Hilsenteger, Unbox Therapy, acknowledged the machine.


Lastly, with this article, you should now know that the Hey Abby Grow Box is not a complex device but a simple device. The device does not need any form of experience.

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