HHOGene GPods Earbuds Review: First Earbud That Lights Up

Want to know everything about the HHOGene GPods Earbuds?

HHOGene GPods Earbuds Review: First Earbud That Lights Up

In this article, we will review the all-new HHOGENE GPods Earbuds. This earbud is a one-of-a-kind earbud that will make every head turn in your direction. Yes, everyone will look at your ear and be a conversation starter.

We all know the time for wired earbuds is over, and it is now the time for wireless earbuds. Almost every stranger you see has earbuds made by various companies. From all those companies, there are varieties of ranges of earbuds to choose from, that people like. Buds that are transparent, glowing, use echo sounds, have RGB and so many more features.

HHOGENE GPods Earbuds Review

Do you know how earbuds are now becoming a part of someone’s style or outfit? You have it on a part of your body that is visible to others, so consider the POV of others. Most people, if not all, not only consider the price, specification, and brand, but they also consider the design, the way it looks, or the way it will look at them.

That is why I can confidently say that if you consider all these factors (price, specification, brand, and design), you will want to get the HHOGENE GPod Earbuds. The specs are good and all, but the lighting effect is the most interesting feature of this earbud. This is like your normal earbud. It had a color-changing lightning effect on the exterior of the body. This lightning effect is vibrant and can be noticed from afar. Let us enlighten you more about the lightning effect.

HHOGENE Gpods Earbuds Lightning Effect

They equipped the HHOGENE Gpod Earbuds with 6 RGB LED lights on each bud. The RGB is not just there without serving any purpose other than light. It also syncs with the music you are playing and the HHOGENE Gpod Earbuds’ lightning effect that follows the rhythm of the music. These effects are the Ripple, bright, pulse, and breath effects. All these are amazing effects but I prefer the Pulse effect. The Pulse lightning effect follows the rhythm of the music and you can see it in real-time on the buds.

The HHOGENE GPod Earbud is an earbud that lights up and not only does the HHOGENE Gpod Earbuds give you the ability to change the effect, but it also allows their users to alter the brightness of the color. With over 300,000 color combinations, you can choose from any of them that will fit the mood at that moment. Considering moods, you can set a custom mood for the HHOGENE Gpod Earbuds by taking a pic of the scenery. The pictures are easily scanned and use an AI to get the color ratio of the picture to then display on the GPod.

HHOGENE GPods Earbuds Accessories

I keep on saying that these buds differ from each other, but in what other way are they different? They also have shells you can clip onto the GPod as an additional accessory. The shells come with a different design that can add more meaning to the mood you want people to perceive. Imagine being in a zoo and you slap on the tiger stripe shell with the breath effect on it. Everyone around you knows you are really into animals or listening to something about them. That’s pretty dope, to say much without actually saying anything.

Also, right out of the box, the goods come with a charging case that uses a USB type c connector to charge the GPods and it also comes with multiple ear tips, allowing you to choose the right one to fit your ear.

HHOGENE GPods Earbuds Price

The GPods are currently only available on their official website and nowhere else. This is so because the product is still new and few people have heard of it. However, the price of the HHOGENE GPods Earbuds is $139 United States Dollars not Canadian.

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HHOGENE GPods Earbuds Specifications

The HHOGENE Gpod Earbuds are the world’s first true wireless light earbuds. That is going to be a core conversation starter. Now that we have covered the lightning effect of the earbuds, we will dive a little into the specifications of the HHOGENE Gpod Earbuds.

1. Multiple Lighting Modes

HHOGENE GPod Earbuds Multiple lighting modes

As we mentioned above, they equipped this earbud with a 300,000 color combination and with an additional feature that allows you to create your custom color combination using a picture you have or a photo you have just taken. So there is no limit to what you can do.

2. Replaceable Design

HHOGENE GPod Earbuds Detachable Accessories

This replaceable design refers to the shells. The accessory that you can clip onto your earbud. These shells, as we stated before, are used to emphasize further you are your current mood or the mood you set on the device. There are various designs and there would probably be tons of custom designs made by other brands.

3. Bluetooth 5.2

These are the first Bluetooth earbuds with a lighting effect. With Bluetooth 5.2, you will get the best quality from other wireless earbuds and it will also enable you some features. Features like ISOC (isochronous channels that support both connection-oriented and connectionless communication), Power control, Audio control, and others, we are not here to discuss the Bluetooth 5.2

4. High Definition (HD) Audio

I put a high definition on the header because I know the meaning of what HD stands for has faded away and people have lost what it means. This means that your audio would be rich with every note, bass, treble, instrument, and others that can be heard as if you were sitting right in the form of it. It allows you to listen to music that sounds almost identical to a studio recording.

5. 10mm Dynamic Drivers

The dynamic driver is the device in the earbud that produces the sounds. It is not as good as Planar Magnetic Drivers, but it is the next best thing. Dynamic drivers use an electromagnetic field to produce their sounds when electric currents pass through.

6. Active Noise Cancellation

Everyone currently is raving about active noise cancellation. I mean, it makes the world around you go entirely silent. In my case, I have never been really into the noise cancellation gimmick. It is a factor that I consider when buying earbuds. However, these earbuds have active noise cancellation that will make the surrounding world completely silent, like you are sinking into the cold and completely dark water.

7. Full Control

You get full control of everything. You can customize the color combination or effect of the earbuds. There is a lot more control that you get when you download the app either on PlayStore or App Store.

8. IPX4 Water-Resistant

This is another feature that people have been making noise about. The ability to use your electronic device in the rain or when swimming. This can give you the ability to keep using your earbuds in certain situations; let us say you are having a run and it rains, You do not have to put out your buds, and you can continue listening to your kinds of music with no hassle.

I don’t care for this because I grew up with phones and other electronic devices being instantly destroyed by water and it has now been coded into my blood. Even if I have a 100% water-resistant device, I just can’t put it in water.

Also, it is not wise or advised to swim with it because it would be difficult to hear in the water and the earbuds can easily come off and can be misplaced.

9. Up To 20 Hours Of Listening Time

Up to 20 hours of listening time! That is more than enough for the average Joe and even for the people who use it always. Moreso, we are not up for 20 hours a day with the top 15-17 hours a day, so should be confident in the battery time.

10. 10 Minutes Fast Charging, 2 Hours Listening Time

Besides the 20 hours of listening time, you can use the charging case of the earbuds to fully charge the buds in 10 minutes to get you up to 2 hours of listening time.

Now that we have finished all the basic things to know about the GPods, would you like to get one? If you are getting one because of this article, let us know by leaving a comment below. Make sure you use the coupon code MEEKSGUIDE to get your 10% discount.

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