How to Download Adobe After Effects On Windows or Mac PC

Download Adobe After Effects On Windows or Macs.

How to Download Adobe After Effects On Windows or Mac PC

Do you want to download Adobe After Effects, well you are in the right place. With Adobe, you can create mythical creatures like dragons from Game of Thrones to life on your screen. In this article, I’ll show you how to download Adobe After Effects. There are two ways you can do so and I will be covering both of them.

Furthermore, before I start, make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements for After Effects. Which vary depending on your operating system (Windows or Mac). You can find detailed information on the Adobe After Effect requirements website.

What is Adobe After Effects?

Adobe After Effects is a versatile and powerful software application used in the field of motion graphics, visual effects, and compositing. Developed by Adobe Inc., it is widely employed in the film, television, video, and web industries to create captivating visual content. Here are some key aspects of Adobe After Effects:

  • Motion Graphics.
  • Visual Effects (VFX).
  • Blending visual elements from different sources into a cohesive scene in compositing.
  • Designing complex and nuanced animations, including character animation.

2 Ways to Download Adobe After Effects on Your Windows Or Mac PC

Downloading Adobe After Effects into your laptop is very easy. But there are 2 ways you can do that. Using the free trial or paid subscription method. Here are the 2 methods explained with their steps:

1. Free Trial:

The free 7-day trial version allows you to test the water. To give you a sense of what the app is for. It will allow you to use the until the free trial expiration date is been reached. So, the trial automatically converts to a paid subscription after 7 days. Here is the steps to get the Adobe After Effects app in a free trial:

  1. Head to Adobe’s website in your browser.
  2. Navigate the Menu:
    • On Mobile: Tap the hamburger icon and select “Creativity & Design,” then “View all products.”
    • On PC: Click on “Creativity & Design” and then “View all products.”
  3. Search for “After Effects” and tap on it.
  4. Click the “Free trial” button.
  5. Select a plan (Individual, Business, etc.) and preferred subscription option (Annual, Monthly).
  6. Provide your Adobe account details and payment information.
  7. Click “Start free trial” to begin the download.

Remember, the trial automatically converts to a paid subscription after 7 days. And because you have entered your payment details, you will be debited. So, if you want to cancel, you should do so beforehand if you don’t want to be charged.

2. Paid Subscription:

The paid subscription is good for people who will regularly use the app. However. I recommend that you should test out the app using the free 7-day trial before you commit to buying the application. Here are the steps by which you can get the Adobe After Effects apps:

  1. Follow steps 1-3 from the Free Trial instructions.
  2. Instead of “Free trial,” click “Buy now.”
  3. Scroll down to “Motion Graphics & Visual Effects” and click “Buy now” next to After Effects.
  4. Select your preferred subscription option.
  5. Sign in and enter your payment information.
  6. Click “Buy now” to start the download.

So those are the steps that you can follow to purchase and download the Adobe After Effects app. Also, make sure that you choose a plan that fits your needs and budget. In addition to that, it’s essential you know that purchasing the app does not mean that you will have access to the app for an unlimited time. You need to re-subscribe after a month or a year, depending on your chosen plan.