How to Login and Open a UW Credit Union Web Branch Account

UW Credit Union Web Branch Account.

How to Login and Open a UW Credit Union Web Branch Account

UW Credit Union is a financial cooperative that offers a range of banking services to its members. One of the benefits of being a member is having access to the Web Branch, an online platform that allows you to manage your accounts, pay bills, transfer funds, and more. In this article, we will show you how to login to your existing UW Credit Union Web Branch account, and how to apply for a new one if you are not a member yet.

How to Login to Your UW Credit Union Web Branch Account

If you already have a Web Branch account, you can login to it by following these steps:

  • Open your preferred browser.
  • Go to the UW Credit Union website.
  • Tap on the Log In button on the top right corner. You will be taken to the login page.
  • Enter your Username and Password for your Web Branch account.
  • Tap on the Login Button.

You should now be able to access your Web Branch dashboard and perform various transactions.

How to Apply for a New UW Credit Union Web Branch Account

If you are not a member of UW Credit Union yet, you will need to apply for a membership first before you can open a Web Branch account. Here is how you can do that:

1. What You’ll Need to Join

Before you start the application process, make sure you have the following information and documents ready:

  • Social Security Number (if applicable).
  • Current physical and mailing addresses (previous address if at current address for less than 6 months).
  • One of the following forms of identification: Driver’s License, U.S. State ID, Resident Alien ID Card (Green Card), Passport, U.S. Military ID, or Matricula Consular ID.
  • A way to fund your account, such as a credit card, check or cash.
  • Phone number & email address.

Joining is easy. Complete your application online in about 15 minutes or visit any of our branch locations.

2. Eligibility Criteria to Open a UW Credit Union Account

For the next step, you will need to check the listed criteria to see if you qualify for UW Credit Union membership. You can join if you meet any of the following conditions:

  • You live or work in Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, or Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.
  • You are a current or former student, faculty, or staff of the University of Wisconsin System, Madison College, or Edgewood College.
  • You are an immediate family member of a current UW Credit Union member.
  • You are a member of the Wisconsin Alumni Association or the UW Foundation.

If you meet any of these criteria, select it and tap on the Continue button to proceed with the application process.

3. Personal Information

Enter your birth date and tap on the Continue button. Then you will need to provide some personal information, such as your name, address, phone number, email, and citizenship status. You will also need to create a username and password for your Web Branch account.

4. Account Options

Then you will select your checking account options: Rewards Checking with benefits like cash back and overdraft protection, Classic Checking with basic features and overdraft protection, or Clear Checking for a no-frills experience with no checks or overdrafts. Take a moment to explore each option and choose the one that aligns with your financial goals.

If you want to open a savings account as well, you can tap on the Continue with Savings only button below the Continue button. You will then choose between a Primary Savings account with a minimum balance of $5, or a Money Market account with a higher interest rate and a minimum balance of $2,500.

5. Referral Code

Read the instruction carefully. If you have a referral code from a friend or family member who is already a member, you can enter it here to get a bonus. Otherwise, you can skip this step and tap on the Continue button again.

6. Required Documents

To proceed with opening an account, please gather the following documents:

  • Government-issued photo ID: Driver’s license, state-issued ID, military ID, or passport.
  • Proof of residency (if required): Permanent resident card or Matricula Consular of Mexico (if applicable).
  • Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number: ITIN documentation required for new members only.
  • Opening deposit: Minimum of $5.

Please note that all joint applicants must be present with their own proof of identity. You will need to upload these documents to the application page, or you can visit a branch to complete the process in person.

7. Confirmation

When you finish uploading the required documents, you have now applied for a new Web Branch account with UW Credit Union. You will receive a confirmation email with your account details and instructions on how to activate your debit card. You can also access your Web Branch account online or through the mobile app.

In conclusion, UW Credit Union offers a comprehensive banking experience to its members, with the highlight being the efficient and user-friendly Web Branch platform. Whether managing existing accounts or applying for a new Web Branch account, the credit union provides clear step-by-step guidance. The accessibility of online applications and the eligibility criteria further emphasize their commitment to convenience for a diverse membership base. With a range of account options and straightforward processes, UW Credit Union stands as a reliable financial cooperative, fostering financial well-being for individuals across Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.