Leventis Foundation Nigeria: One-Year Training Programme in Modern and Sustainable Agriculture 2024

In this article, the Leventis Foundation (Nigeria) is offering a one-year training program in modern and sustainable agriculture for the 2024 session. The program is open to both male and female candidates and is free of charge for successful applicants. The aim of the program is to train the next generation of committed and practical farmers.

Leventis Foundation Nigeria One-Year Training Programme 2024

In the pursuit of fostering sustainable agriculture and empowering the youth, the Leventis Foundation (Nigeria) proudly presents its One-Year Training Programme in Modern and Sustainable Agriculture for the 2024 session. Since its inception in 1987, the foundation has been a beacon of change, running agricultural training for youths and farmers across different agro-ecological zones in Nigeria. This initiative, co-funded with state governments, aims to shape the next generation of committed and practical farmers.

Leventis Foundation One-Year Training Programme – Program Overview

The comprehensive one-year training exposes participants to various facets of agriculture, agricultural value chains, and other farm businesses. The Leventis Foundation envisions creating a ripple effect of change, with trained individuals serving as catalysts for an agricultural revolution in their communities, thereby advancing the food system.

Admission and Eligibility Criteria

Open to both male and female candidates, admission to the program is free of all costs, covering tuition, boarding, and feeding for successful candidates throughout the course. To apply for this position, you must meet certain criteria. You must be physically fit, able to read and write in English (and provide evidence of a junior secondary leaving school certificate or higher), and between 18 and 40 years old. Other requirements include passing both written and oral tests, demonstrating a perceivable interest in agriculture, and having a farming background, which is considered advantageous.

Application Process

Here is how to apply to the Leventis Foundation Nigeria One-Year Training Programme 2024. Prospective candidates are encouraged to submit handwritten applications, providing concrete information about each requirement. The candidate’s Local Government of origin’s chairman or secretary should sign a letter to accompany this, or a Justice of Peace (JP) should attest to it with a letter. Additionally, applicants should include two recent passport-size photographs, three references, and photocopies of academic qualifications or relevant documents. Applications can be forwarded to the Leventis Foundation schools in Osun, Kano, Gombe, and the FCT. Here are the locations:

  1. Leventis Foundation/Osun State Agricultural Training School: Imo, P.M.B. 5074, Ilesa, Osun State.
  2. Leventis Foundation/Kano State Agricultural Training School: Panda, Albasu Local Government, P.M.B. 3555, Kano, Kano State.
  3. Leventis Foundation/Gombe State Agricultural Training School: Tumu, Akko Local Government, Gombe State.
  4. Leventis Foundation/FCT Agricultural Training School: Yaba, Abaji Area Council, P.M.B. 001, Abaji, Abuja.

Deadline and Examination Dates

The deadline for application submission is December 15, 2023, and the screening/examination is scheduled for Saturday, December 16, 2023. Candidates are advised to adhere to the specified timeline.

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Beyond the Training

In addition to the one-year training, the Leventis Foundation offers a spectrum of consultancy services and targeted short courses. These include processing and packaging, poultry production, vegetable production, bee-keeping, honey production, fish farming, mushroom production, value chain development, feed formulation, greenhouse farming and hydroponics, urban farming, and climate-smart agriculture.

Leventis Foundation Nigeria One-Year Training Programme 2024

Embark on a journey of growth and transformation with the Leventis Foundation One-Year Training Programme. This initiative is not just a training course. It’s a stepping stone to a fulfilling career in farming and agribusiness. Aspiring individuals, now is the time to seize this opportunity, contributing to the flourishing of sustainable agriculture and becoming the positive change agents your communities need. Join us in cultivating a future where agriculture is not only a livelihood but a force for transformative change.

For detailed information and to kickstart your application, visit the official website at www.leventisfoundation.org.ng.

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