10 Most Played Online Games Ranked By Peak Players

Are you looking for the top 10 of the most played online games at their peaks in 2023? Well, there is no question that the present is the time for gaming. Due to the pandemic in the past, gaming is now popular with practically everyone.

As a result, gaming firms worldwide for gamers to enjoy produced several games. But not every game can be the finest. That is why we used their peak to compile this list of all the most popular online games of 2023 so far.

10 Most Played Online Games Ranked By Peak Players

The Top 10 Most-Played Online Games (Ranked by Increasing Peak Value)

Here are games that are currently the most played games at their peak sales with most online players. Without any further ado, let us dive straight into the most-played Online Game of 2023 at their peak.

10. Apex Legends (Peaks at 510.29k Players)

Apex legends is a free-to-play video game that was developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts with no high expectations. When it was released, EA was exceptionally more like quiet about the game. The gaming community didn’t know about it. Only a few gamers play the games, then suddenly the game crawled up into the most-played and the most-watched online multiplayer games above Fortnite and PUBG.

The game is loved because, unlike other battle royale games, this game is a moving game. It requires a lot of skill and hand-eye-mouse coordination. This is a game of tactics and skill. Also, the ranking system of Apex Legends is what makes people want to log in to the game every day.

I think is, the reason why Apex legends is the last on this list is that it is very hard for new players looking to join the game and it will one day become the game with most online players.

9. PUBG (Peaks at 696.7k Players)

PUBG is known as the Godfather of Battle Royale games, the game is developed and published by PUBG Studios. This is because they are the first game to launch battle royale before other games began copying. The game first aired on the 23rd of March 2017. Seven years after the Japanese battle royale, movies aired. The game got its inspiration from the 2000 movie Japanese movie (Battle Royale).

Many gamers around the world still play the game. Also, the game is the most played online battle royale game on mobile devices. People love the game because it gives some of a military vibe to the game with a game style like no other.

8. DOTA 2 (Peaks at 786.12k Players)

Dota 2 is an online multiplayer battle arena video game that Valve created and released in 2013. Despite claims from the general public that battle arena games are in decline, this particular game managed to reach its highest player count of 696,704 this year.

Players who started this game never thought that it would addict them to it. The game is like a click-to-move type of game. Data has shown that most of the players of this game are from Asia. I can’t still wrap my head around the fact that this is part of the most-played game in 2023.

7. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (Peaks at 1.01m Players)

A multiplayer tactical first-person shooter called CS: Go was created by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment in 2012. On this list is another Valve game. The game resembles a multiplayer game mode, where the goal is for one team to eliminate the other to win. They offer a ton of fantastic in-game weapons and skins.

6. Lost Ark (Peaks at 1.32m Players)

2019 saw the debut of the MMO action role-playing game Lost Ark. In this game, the player takes on the role of a character and progresses through character building and character leveling while completing missions and tasks.

You will never get bored playing this fantastic game. Not only that, but you can also join forces with your buddies to complete tasks and quests. The majority of the participants in this game are from Europe and Russia, according to data. The game is quite time-consuming game.

5. Minecraft (Peaks at 1.4m+ Players)

Created by Mojang Studios, Minecraft is a sandbox video game. They released this game in 2009 and is most likely the oldest game to ever peak this much in this list. The fact that this game entered the list despite not being an action game, battle royale, multiplayer, or role-playing game is surprising. With more than 1.4 million gamers and growing, geez, it wasn’t just in any position; it reached number 5.

I guess I shouldn’t be shocked; this isn’t the kind of game you’d be excited to play when you get home; rather, you’d play it when you’d had enough of playing the other games you usually play or if you were simply bored. There are many servers to discover in the game, and it uses simple building blocks. All this game requires is your biggest imagination; you could even create an entire world.

4. ROBLOX (Peaks at 4m Players)

The popularity of the game ROBLOX, which was released in 2014, soared first among young people. Unaware that this was simply the first step toward them achieving something better, players were thrilled when the game hit a peak of 1 million participants. However, the game became popular during the COVID-19 pandemic session. Currently, this year’s peak player count is 4 million.

Millions of 3D online games can be created or played using this game, which is available to all users. Therefore, why would anyone want to play the game, discover what they create, and explore? Also, games that are created here can be made public for other users to play.

3. Crossfire (Peaks at 8m Players)

First-person shooter CrossFire is available for free. The game is still quite popular among players in the gaming community, despite the outdated graphics. The game necessitates a certain amount of cooperation, tact, and hand-eye coordination. It’s enjoyable to play the game with your buddies. I still can’t wrap my head around the fact there is they got 8 million peak players this year.

2. League of Legends (Most Played RPG Online Game Peaks at 8m+ Players)

Riot Games created and released the video game league of legends in 2009. In addition to the top player value, Riot Games also disclosed that up to 8 million players log into League of Legends each day. This indicates that 0.1 percent of people on the planet regularly check in to the same game. Although it may not sound great, that is a lot, oof.

1. Fortnite (Most Played Online Game Peaks at 12m Players)

The online video game Fortnite was created by Epic Games and published in 2017. This game will undoubtedly go down in history. Even though they did not develop the battle royale genre. The broad public likes the game’s distinctive gameplay style. The game incorporates a building mechanic similar to that found in Minecraft and a battle royale gaming format similar to PUBG.

This is the game with the most players. Any big movie, including Marvel, DC, and others, has contracts with the game because it is so well-liked. The number of skins in the game is infinite. They also have dances; We know these dances as emotes, and the majority of them are current dance styles.

At the 2018 Fortnite World Cup Tournament, the renowned Ninja and Marshmello were solely responsible for the game’s enormous popularity. The Travis Scott x Fortnite show was another occasion that increased interest in Fortnite. Then it became the world’s most popular game.

Take a look at the chart to see how the rest of the games are just little compared to Fortnite, My God!

Most played games at their peak

Conclusion on The Most Played Online Games of 2023

Now, I’d like to hear from you. What game or games from today’s post are you playing? Or. What games would you like to try out? Either way, leave a comment below to let me know.

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