8 PS5 Secret Tips & Tricks You Need To Know

The PlayStation 5, also known as the PS5, has been out for up to 3 years now. There are a lot of hidden PS5 tips and tricks and PS5 hidden features that most PS5 console owners don’t know about. In this article, I will be providing you with all the tips and tricks of the PS5.

8 PS5 Secret Tips & Tricks You Need To Know

This Is The 8 PS5 Tips And Tricks You Need To Know

PS5 tricks and PS5 features may sound like they are similar, but they are not similar. Tricks are techniques provided to do something better, do a task faster, or do both. Tips are similar to advice offered on how to accomplish something or perform a task faster, better, or both. There are also PS5 controller secrets and PS5 secret features. So, without any further ado, let us dive into it.

1. Mic Settings – PS5 Tips

On the PlayStation 5, it is known by now what that little translucent rectangular button under the PS button does. It is used to mute your game audio and microphone. But what if you can use that button for more than that? When you double-click the button, it will automatically mute.

2. Boot Games Faster – PS5 Tips

We are all that heavy games take a lot of time to boot up. Games like GTA 5, Fortnite, Warzone and so many more. But we told you there is a way to make games boot up faster in under 10 seconds.

All you have to do is:

  1. On the home screen of your PS5
  2. go to the game and then go to their activity bar
  3. Open the game from the activity bar

That is pretty much it. Doing this will make games like Fortnite boot 10x faster, taking not up to 10 seconds to boot up to the game lobby.

3. Uncomplicated Shutdown – PS5 Tricks

When you put your PS5 to rest mode, it means that it still keeps all your temporary data available, and the game is still partially on. But if you decide to turn it off, there is a simpler way of turning it off without eerily using a controller.

All you have to do is long-press the power button on the PlayStation 5 and the game will completely turn off on its own, allowing you to safely unplug your PlayStation console, without the need to use your PS5 controller.

4. Easy Mute – PS5 Tricks

We are all familiar with the way of muting the game and microphone on the PS5 while playing a game. Doing so will not mute the TV, only muting the game. So, when you go back to your home screen, you still hear the on-screen sound.

By long pressing the PS button, you will be able to mute all audio. You will need able to mute your headsets, fans audio, microphone, and TV. This is a simpler way to mute all audio immediately instead of using the TV elite to mute the sounds.

5. Multi-Tasking – PS5 Tips

You might be asking how to multitask on PS5. Well, The PlayStation 5’s UI is much greater than the PS5’s. The UI is designed to make everything easier for you guys. Users can now use the console to do multiple things at the same time. Multitasking on the PS5 is easy. All you have to do is double tap the PS button twice and a pro tip PS5 secret side menu will pop up.

This pro tip PS5 secret side menu allows users to perform various tasks while in-game. Tasks like matchmaking, music, share screen, and game preset. The most interesting one among all these and the one you would probably use is the game presets.

6. Game Preset

This feature allows you to set a custom game difficulty, resolution, field-of-view, and performance mode for any game you want to play. This is good because you can just hop into any game without the need to customize your settings.

7. One Touch Play

Did you know that you can turn on your TV and your PlayStation with just a click of a button, without the need to turn on your TV separately? To do so.

  • Go over to your PlayStation settings.
  • Go to the system.
  • Then go to HDMI.
  • Go to the HDMI device link.
  • The Enable HDMI device link.
  • Lastly, enable the one-touch play.

8. Quick Search

For a long time, they made PlayStations home screen in such a way that you need to scroll or hover across everything thing to get to what you want. Well, PS5 has made that easier, you can go to the search icon with just one tap of a button. That might seem like it is not a feature that you might need, but believe me, you will be glad to know it.

On your home screen or any designated PlayStation app like the PlayStation store, just tap the triangle button to go straight to the search icon. That is all. You can now type in whatever you want.

Conclusion On PS5 Secret Tips and Tricks You Need To Know (2023)

With all these astonishing Tips and tricks you read, would you love to get a PS5 for yourself? Lastly, the PlayStation 5 tips and tricks are all made to make your gaming simpler without putting a lot of thought into it, making your PlayStation experience way better.

Also, do you think any of these PS5 tips, tricks, and PS5 secrets would be helpful to you and make your PlayStation experience way better?

Let me know your thoughts on these tips and tricks in the article below. As more PS5 tips and tricks surface, we will keep updating. Moreso, click here to know more about your PS5.

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