Revenant Mains, Rejoice! The Revenant Reborn Rework Is Here

Revenant is now Revenat reborn. For the first time, Respawn has reworked a legend in Apex Legends. Revenant has been reworked in an updated version of Apex Legends Season 18: Resurrection. Revenant has been reworked into Revenant Reborn. But how did Revenant become Revenant Reborn? And what does this mean for the future of Apex Legends? In this article, we will dive into everything to know about the rework of Revenant as Lagend in the Apex Legends game.

Revenant Reworked Into Revenant Reborn: Everything To Know

How Did Revenant Become Revenant Reborn?

Duardo Silva, the head of Hammond Robotics, converted Revenant into Revenant Reborn using a combination of technology and psychological manipulation. He used his advanced technology to enhance Revenant’s physical abilities and to give him new abilities. He also used psychological manipulation to break down Revenant’s mental barriers and to make him more willing to follow Silva’s orders.

Silva’s process of converting Revenant into Revenant Reborn was long and difficult. It took him years to complete, and it required him to use all of his resources. However, in the end, he was successful in creating a new and more powerful Revenant. Why did Duardo Silva convert Revenant into Revenant Reborn? We are not yet sure.

Why Was Revenant Reworked Into Revenant Reborn?

We all know that Revenant has a very low pick rate in the Apex Legends game lobbies. Respawn had to do something about it. So, it had to be done, it was just a matter of when. Now, Respawn decided to take this into action in the new season 18 of Apex Legends. Here are some of the factors that caused the low pick rate.

  • He was not a very popular legend.
  • He was not very fun to play among the gamers.
  • His abilities were not very useful in games.

All these factors lead to a low pick rate. Which became problematic for the Apex games. The Revenant rework addresses all of these issues by making his abilities more effective, more synergistic with other legends, and more mobile. This will make him a more viable pick for players of all skill levels, and it will also make him more fun to play. So, they brought Revenant Reborn.

What Are The New Revenant Reborn Abilities

Revenant has been reworked in several ways, including his passive ability, tactical ability, and ultimate ability.

  • Passive Ability

One of his passive abilities is Assassin’s Instinct. This allows him to wall climb and crouch-walk 30% faster. However, he can now climb horizontally longer, just like the mobile variant did. Also, it highlights low-health enemies and hits enemies for his team. This makes him a more mobile and stealthy legend, and it also gives his team a significant advantage in combat.

  • Tactical Ability

His tactical ability is called Shadow Pounce. This allows him to lunge forward with great height and speed, similar to that of Vantages. This is a great ability for closing the distance on enemies, or for escaping from danger. However, this one does not involve a bat. The shadow pounce even allows him to leap even further by holding down to charge up. Moreover, the distance covered in the horizontal leap is similar to Octane’s launch pad. Not only that, he can pounce on a wall and start climbing without falling.

  • Ultimate Ability

His ultimate ability is called Forged Shadows, which replaces the death totem. The ability creates a shroud of shadows around him that shields or blocks all damages. The Forge Shadow adds an extra 75 hp to Revenant’s health. The shadows recharges overtime after he has been damaged. This is very helpful if you want to post the opposing team. However, damaging Revenant will briefly interrupt the recharge. Also, when he gets knockdowns, he can recharge this shadow shield and extend the duration of his ultimate and tactical ability.

The New Play Style Of Revenant Reborn

The Revenant rework has made him a more mobile and versatile legend. He is now a better choice for players who want to play aggressively or defensively. He is also a better choice for players who want to help their team win.

What Will Happen To The Revenant Mains?

Revenant mains are generally happy with the rework. They are glad that Revenant is finally getting some much-needed buffs, and they are excited to try out his new abilities. However, some of them are not happy as they have built up years of playstyle with the old Revenant and this means that they will have to start afresh and remaster the legend.

The Revenant mains who are happy with the rework are excited to try out the new abilities. They believe that the rework will make Revenant a more powerful and versatile legend, and they are eager to see how he can be used in different ways.

The Revenant mains who are not happy with the rework are concerned that they will have to relearn how to play the legend. They have spent years mastering the old Revenant. Also, they are not sure how the new abilities will fit into their play style. Only time will tell how the Revenant mains will react to the rework in the long term. However, the rework has divided the community.

Will There Be More Legend Reworks In Apex Legends By Respawn In The Future?

There will likely be more legend reworks in Apex Legends by Respawn. The Revenant rework is a sign that Respawn is willing to change legends that are not performing well. Also, they will likely continue to do so in the future. The next legend to get reworked might be Caustic. This is because his playstyle is getting a bit outdated.

In conclusion, Revenant Reborn is a significant change for Apex Legends. He’s more powerful, more versatile, and more fun to play. But he’s also a bit of a wild card. It’s hard to say how he’ll impact the meta, but one thing is for sure: he’s sure to shake things up.

What do you think the future holds for Revenant Reborn? Will he become the new meta? Or will he fall by the wayside? Let me know in the comments!

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