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LocalSend: Share Files and Messages with Nearby Devices

LocalSend: Share Files & Messages with Nearby Devices

Have you ever wanted to share files between your Android and Apple devices easily? Now you can with the LocalSend app. It's a free and secure way to share files and messages with nearby...
How to Use Quick Share to Transfer Files Between Devices

How to Use Quick Share to Transfer Files Between Devices

Want to know how to transfer files from your device to other devices using Samsung's Quick Share? Imagine that you are at a friend's party and you took tons of photos and videos. And your...
Nearby Share - Share Files Between Android and Windows PC

Google Nearby Share: Transfer Files Between Your Android & PC

Before, sharing files between an Android and Windows PC is not possible using Nearby Share. You could email them to yourself, use cloud storage, or even connect the devices with a USB cable. Sharing...
NearDrop - Transfer Files from Android to MacOS with Nearby Share

NearDrop – Transfer Files from MacOS to Android with Nearby Share

Do you want to know about NearDrop which enables Nearby share in macOS? In the world of seamless file sharing, Apple's AirDrop stands as a beacon of convenience for its users. Android devices have...