16 Major Changes And Features WhatsApp Added This 2023

Are you here because there are many Changes And Features added to WhatsApp this 2023? Well, you are in the right article, because we will be providing you with all the new Changes And Features that were added this year.

The best thing to happen to the tech industry, ever since Mark Zuckerberg acquired WhatsApp through Facebook, is Mark Zuckerberg. He has contributed many excellent new features. The ones we needed but didn’t know we needed—the ones we demanded and those we did not.

16 Major Changes And Features WhatsApp Added This 2023

16 Of The Changes And Features Added To WhatsApp

Whatever the case, 2023 has been the year of fantastic enhancements and features. As promised, the WhatsApp mobile app and even WhatsApp for desktop now include a ton of functionality.

Even after we concluded that there couldn’t possibly be another feature better than this one, WhatsApp still manages to release a brand-new part that is nothing short of incredible. Without any further ado, let out the features below:

1. WhatsApp Chat Reaction Features

WhatsApp Chat Reaction

When you get a message on WhatsApp, that needs a response. It would take some time to tap the emoji symbol, navigate through the available emojis, tap the one you choose, and then hit the send button. It takes too numerous steps to send simply a rudimentary smiley face emoji.

You can respond to a chat with an emoji, though, much like on other social networking platforms, whether it contains images, videos, messages, locations, voice notes, or other assets. Great right? To respond to a chat, all you need to do is hold it while choosing an emoji from the list that appears. But wait, online and other social media, the number of emojis to react with is not fixed. You can click the plus icon and select any emoji you want to use.

2. Contact Detail

When on Android, when you tap on a person’s contact detail, it is sleeker and better looking. Also, this new look has a new feature that allows one to view the status of that user.

3. WhatsApp Status Icon

I think this is by far the most innovative thing that WhatsApp has conceived. You do not need to go to the status menu to view statuses, you can do it by taping on the user’s profile icon. To know that the user has recently posted a status that you have not seen, you will see a green ring around the user’s profile icon.

4. New voice Record UI

The voice recording function at the bottom of your screen next to the typing area has had various changes this 2023. Changes like the sound it makes when you start recording, cancel recording, and send the recording. Also, you can increase the speed of every voice note up to 2x. Last but not least, when a voice note is received, you will see a waveform of the voice note indicating the true waveform of the audio.

5. Video Call And Voice Call UI

New Call UI

The User Interface (UI), when making a voice call on WhatsApp, is no different. It looks simple but took a lot of effort to make. All the icons are now accessible at the bottom of the screen and the menus are under the icons when you slide the tab up. The video call UI is no different from the voice call.

6. WhatsApp Group Limit Changes

It has been a long time since WhatsApp increased the number of group members. Contrary to Telegram, which allows for up to 200,000 group members or participants, WhatsApp’s maximum was 256 for a long period. However, it has changed as Meta raised the cap from 256 to 512 this year (2023). It is not as superior as Telegrams but it is double the size of the latter.

7. New Emoji

The WhatsApp emoji inventory has been updated and more emojis have been added. Some are popular with their users and some are not even used at all. But, it all rests on the users’ preferences. To check out the new emojis that were rolled out, check here.

8. Sharing A File

When sharing documents or any file on WhatsApp, you can now share files up to 2GB in size. It might not be much, but it is enough. The WhatsApp application is not a place for sending a large file, it is a social media platform.

9. WhatsApp Easy Status Privacy Features

When posting a status, you might want to change it. Who can see my status updates to either My contacts, My contacts except, and Only Share with, Click can do this button on the bottom of your screen. This is better than tapping the menu, then tapping status privacy, and then changing your status privacy. This is better because it only changes for a single post, not all the posts.

10. WhatsApp Desktop Update

WhatsApp for Windows now has a new user interface and a new simple and sleek look. The application is very organized and you can now use WhatsApp for Windows without connecting your phone to an internet connection. This means that as long as you don’t log out on your PC, you can access WhatsApp anytime or anywhere.

11. New Admin Control

With this great feature, when a participant or a group member sends something inappropriate to the group, the Admin of the group can delete the chat from the group. It does not matter the type of chat, the admin can delete them.

12. Voice Call Limit

Up till now, we only could make a group call of up to 8 people. This year, we got an update that allows us to have a voice call of up to 32 on the call. Also, you can send out a link for anyone to join the ongoing voice call.

13. WhatsApp Archived Features

One of the new WhatsApp features I love. To be able to archive a chat or a group without them popping back out after a new message. Before, when you archive a cha or a group, whenever you get a new message from that archive chat or group, it comes back.

Now, when you achieve chat or a group, you will not see them on your chat page until you remove them from the archives. Also, you will not get any form of notification from them, not even a sound. It is the closest thing WhatsApp has to hide chat.

14. WhatsApp Quick Status Reactions Features

Just like the WhatsApp chat reaction, this one too makes it much simpler to send emojis to people. Unlike the chat reaction, this one reacts to status, and it has a fixed number of emojis to pick from. There are 8 in number, although no one is complaining because those 8 are what people would normally use to react to a normal status. So, Good Job WhatsApp.

15. Android Color

WhatsApp didn’t announce that they would be changing the UI color for the ordered version of the WhatsApp application. So, when they did, sufficient people thought something was off but they could not put a finger on it. But it turns out it was the color that was changing. The Android users of the WhatsApp application had the color changed from a lighter green to a more vibrant darker green.

16. WhatsApp Meta Caption 

Meta Caption

For both the Android and iPhone, the WhatsApp launching static picture has meta written instead of Facebook. This is because Mark Zuckerberg wants to put everything in the Metaverse, a company he says is the future of human technology.

The New WhatsApp Changes And WhatsApp Features

All these new WhatsApp features listed are all the features that WhatsApp rolled out this year. However, there is said to be more coming soon. As soon as it comes out, be sure to check on my website for new articles on them.

Moreso, out of all these features, which one did he notice? And, which do you think is going to be useful to you? Let me know your answers in the comment section below.

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