Women Digital Entrepreneurship Program with Access Bank & NerdzFactory 2024

In this article, we go into the Women Digital Entrepreneurship Program (WDEP). A groundbreaking initiative empowering women to thrive in the online business landscape.

Women Digital Entrepreneurship with Access Bank & NerdzFactory

Determined to revolutionize business growth for women. The Women Digital Entrepreneurship Program (WDEP) stands tall as an avant-garde initiative. Meticulously crafted to equip women with the requisite digital acumen, information, and resources. ndispensable for initiating, nurturing, and monetizing their businesses. This initiative targets both established and budding female entrepreneurs. Also offering a transformative landscape of learning and growth opportunities within the realm of online business.

Empower Your Business: Women’s Digital Entrepreneurship

At its core, the Women Digital Entrepreneurship Program (WDEP) materializes as a collaborative endeavor between Access and the Nerdzfactory Foundation. Its primary objective revolves around arming businesswomen with the necessary skill set to digitize their business operations. Ensuring sustainable market positioning and long-term success. This program isn’t limited to specific goals but embraces a broader vision. Aiming to embolden more women to embark on online entrepreneurial journeys, champion women’s entrepreneurship, bridge the digital gender gap, and augment the economic prosperity of women.

Significantly, the program’s focus gravitates towards imparting expertise in digital business methodologies, social media marketing intricacies, online business administration, effective business pitching, meticulous bookkeeping, and an array of other pivotal skills. The pinnacle of impact within the program is envisaged through various elements:

  • Women Digital Entrepreneurship Bootcamp (WDEB): A hands-on training ground fostering practical insights and resources essential for launching and nurturing online businesses.
  • Women Digital Entrepreneurship Summit: A gathering facilitating a knowledge-sharing platform for participants to glean insights and strategies from industry experts.
  • Business Connect Webinar: A virtual space fostering networking opportunities and cultivating connections essential for business growth.
  • Pitching for a Grant: The program culminates in a pitch/grant competition, spotlighting the top three ideas/pitches from bootcamp participants. Therefore, arding prizes that serve as catalysts for their businesses.

Eligibility Criteria and Webinar Highlights

The eligibility criteria for aspiring participants are clearly defined. Targeting Nigerian female citizens between the ages of 25-40 years. Specifically those who are unemployed or underemployed, holding educational qualifications of at least SSCE & OND, and possessing internet access.

The comprehensive webinar sessions promise to unravel crucial insights on commencing an online business, delineating potential online business ventures, and everaging social media for amplified web traffic and heightened conversions. Also, gaining profound expertise in utilizing diverse social media platforms, mastering the art of pitching business ideas, and embracing meticulous bookkeeping practices.

WDEP 3.0 Program Blueprint

  • Learning Mode: A synergistic blend of hybrid learning encompassing physical and virtual dimensions.
  • Venue: Physical classes will convene at the Nerdzfactory Company in Ogudu GRA, Lagos, while virtual sessions will be hosted on Zoom.
  • Duration: A succinct yet intensive span of 2 weeks.
  • Commencement: Scheduled to commence on the 8th of January, 2024.

Lastly, begin digital entrepreneurship by registering for the Women Digital Entrepreneurship Program here. Unveil the power of your business potential in the digital sphere!