Apex Legends Season 20: New Perks, Evo Shields, Map, and More (Release Date & Details)

Apex Legends Season 20.

Apex Legends Season 20: New Perks, Evo Shields, Map, and More! (Release Date & Details)

Apex Legends Season 20 is just around the corner. And it promises to bring some exciting changes and additions to the popular battle royale game. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the upcoming season. Including the release date, the new Legend perk system, the Evo shield overhaul, and more.

Apex Legends Season 20 – Release Date

Apex Legends Season 20 is expected to launch on February 6, 2024, at around 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM GMT. This is based on the countdown for the Season 19 Battle Pass. Which usually indicates the start of a new season. However, this is not confirmed yet, so stay tuned for official announcements from Respawn Entertainment.

New Legend Perk System

One of the most anticipated features of Season 20 is the new Legend perk system. Which will allow players to customize their abilities and playstyles. According to Gaming Former, a magazine that has exclusive access to the season’s details. Players will be able to choose from two perks for each level of their shield, starting from blue.

For example, Gibraltar players can choose between Baby Bubble. Which makes their Tactical recharge faster but reduces the size of their dome shield, or Bubble Bunker, which extends the duration of their dome shield. These perks will be available for all Legends, and they will vary depending on the character and the shield level.

The new Legend perk system will add a new layer of strategy and personalization to the game. As players will have to decide which perks suit their playstyle and team composition best. It will also make the game more dynamic and diverse, as different combinations of perks will create different scenarios and outcomes.

Evo Shield Overhaul

Another major change coming in Season 20 is the Evo shield overhaul. Which will make the shield system more rewarding and fair. According to Gaming Former, there will be no more blue, purple, or gold shields on the ground. And players will have to start with a white shield and upgrade it by earning XP.

XP can be earned by dealing damage, getting kills, reviving teammates, and other actions. The amount of XP required to upgrade the shield will depend on the shield level and the difficulty of the action. For instance, killing an enemy with a higher-level shield than yours will grant you more XP than killing an enemy with a lower-level shield.

The Evo shield overhaul will make the game more skill-based and less RNG-dependent. As players will have to work hard to get better shields and not rely on luck. It will also make the game more balanced and competitive. The players will have more chances to fight back and overcome disadvantages.

Other Changes and Additions

Season 20 will also bring some other changes and additions to Apex Legends, such as:

  • A new map called District is a futuristic urban setting with skyscrapers, neon lights, and underground tunnels.
  • A new weapon called the Plasma Rifle is a high-damage, low-fire rate energy weapon that can overheat and explode.
  • A new hop-up called the Overdrive can be attached to the Volt or the Havoc to increase their fire rate and damage, but also their recoil and heat.
  • A new game mode called Rampage. Which is a 60-player mode where teams have to collect and deposit batteries to power up their base and unlock perks and weapons.
  • A new Battle Pass with 110 levels of rewards, including skins, charms, banners, emotes, and more.

Valkyrie Perks

Valkyrie, the jetpack-wielding Legend introduced in Season 19, will also get some new perks in Season 20. These are some of the perks that have been leaked so far:

  • Have Better Air Handling: Valkyrie can maneuver better in the air and avoid enemy fire.
  • Increase Ultimate height: Valkyrie can launch higher with her Ultimate, giving her more mobility and vision.
  • Increase Jet-fuel capacity: Valkyrie can use her jetpack longer before running out of fuel, allowing her to stay airborne for longer periods of time.
  • Increase AOE radius for Tactical: Valkyrie’s Tactical, the Missile Swarm, will have a larger area of effect, making it more effective against groups of enemies.

These perks will make Valkyrie more versatile and fun to play, as she can take advantage of her aerial abilities and dominate the skies.

Upcoming LTMs

Season 20 will also feature some new limited-time modes (LTMs) that will spice up the gameplay and offer different challenges and rewards. These are some of the LTMs that have been leaked so far:

  • Straight Shot: This mode will have 30 players in 10 squads, with fully kitted weapons and no attachments. The playable area will be smaller, and players will spawn immediately in a location with another team. Players can queue for the next match while spectating, making the mode fast-paced and action-packed.
  • Lockdown: This mode will be a mix of Team Deathmatch and Control, where teams have to capture and hold points on the map while eliminating enemies. The team with the most points at the end of the match wins.
  • The Hunt: This mode will come later with an event, and no details have been revealed yet. However, it is speculated that it will involve hunting down a specific target or creature on the map.

These LTMs will provide new ways to enjoy Apex Legends, and also give players opportunities to earn exclusive rewards and badges.

Replicator Update

The Replicator, the crafting station that allows players to create items and weapons, will also get an update in Season 20. These are some of the changes that have been leaked so far:

  • No Material picking required: Players will no longer have to collect materials from bins or canisters to use the Replicator. Instead, they will obtain materials through in-game actions, such as shield leveling, dealing damage, and reviving teammates.
  • Can be only used Once: Players will only be able to use the Replicator once per squad, making it more strategic and scarce.
  • Attachments removed from crafting: The Replicator will no longer host weapons, attachments, or shield leveling. Instead, the available items will be Meds, Shields, Respawn Beacon, and Banners.

These changes will make the Replicator more streamlined and balanced. As players will have to choose wisely when and what to craft, and not rely on it too much.

Few Confirmed Perks for Legends

As mentioned earlier, each Legend will have four new perks that will activate at different shield levels. These are some of the perks that have been confirmed so far:

  • Pathfinder: Knocking down an enemy will reset the grapple cooldown, allowing Pathfinder to reposition quickly and chase down more enemies.
  • Bangalore: Sitting inside her smoke will heal her, making her more durable and able to use her smoke as a defensive tool.
  • Wattson: Wattson can now place two Ultimates at the same time, creating a larger area of protection and control. Her Ultimate will also spawn the arc grenades thrown by enemies, giving her more offensive options. Her Ultimate will also heal both shield and health, making her more self-sufficient and supportive.
  • Lifeline: Lifeline can now self-revive, making her harder to eliminate and more useful in clutch situations. She can also spawn a red tier weapon in her care package, giving her and her team a powerful advantage.
  • Gibraltar: Gibraltar can revive allies to 40hp, making them more resilient and ready to fight. He can also auto-reload his shotgun on knocks, making him more lethal in close-range combat. He can also choose to have a smaller dome size with a shorter cooldown, or increase his dome lifetime duration by 4 seconds, depending on his preference.

These perks will make each Legend more unique and powerful, and also create more synergy and counterplay between them.

Apex Legends Season 20 – Anniversary Collection Event

There’s a good chance that Season 20 will also feature an anniversary collection event. Given that it coincides with the game’s fifth anniversary. This could include exclusive rewards, challenges, and modes to celebrate the occasion. According to some leaks, the event might include a new heirloom for Valkyrie, a new weapon charm, and a new LTM called “The Hunt”. The event might also bring back some of the fan-favorite skins and items from previous seasons, as well as some new ones.

The anniversary collection event will be a great way to commemorate the game’s success and longevity. And also to thank the loyal fans and players who have supported it throughout the years. It will also be a fun and festive way to enjoy the game and its new features.

Apex Legends Season 20 – Final Thoughts

Apex Legends Season 20 is shaping up to be one of the most exciting and innovative seasons yet, and we can’t wait to see what Respawn Entertainment has in store for us. With the new Legend perk system, the Evo shield overhaul, the new map, weapon, hop-up, game mode, and more. There will be plenty of reasons to jump into the game and explore its new features and possibilities.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the game. You will find something to enjoy and challenge yourself in Season 20. You will also have the opportunity to celebrate the game’s fifth anniversary with a special collection event that might include exclusive rewards and modes. This is a great time to be an Apex Legends fan, and we hope you are as hyped as we are for the upcoming season.