Every New Google June Pixel Feature Drop (2024)

Right after Apple’s big WWDC keynote, Google surprised everyone with its June Google Pixel feature drop. This update brings a host of new features and enhancements, particularly for the Pixel 8 series. While Apple grabbed the headlines, Google quietly delivered an impressive update that is sure to excite Pixel users. This feature drop isn’t just a small tweak here and there; it’s packed with useful additions that will make your Pixel devices even better.

Every New Google June Pixel Feature Drop (2024)

Whether you’re interested in new AI capabilities, improved connectivity, or better security, there’s something in this update for everyone. From enhanced camera functions to smarter app integrations, the June Google Pixel feature drop is all about making your device work harder and smarter for you.

In this article, we’ll look at all the new features and improvements that come with the June Google Pixel feature drop. We’ll break down everything you need to know from enhanced productivity tools to smarter AI integrations and camera upgrades. So, grab your Pixel device, and let’s dive into the details of this significant update.

New Features in June Google Pixel Feature Drop

Google’s June Google Pixel feature drop introduces several new features and improvements. Let’s take a closer look at what’s new and how these updates can enhance your Pixel experience.

1. Gemini Nano on Pixel 8 Series

The Pixel 8 and 8A now come with Gemini Nano, Google’s most efficient AI model built for on-device tasks. This feature improves several apps by making them smarter and more responsive.

Available Devices: Pixel 8, Pixel 8A

Key Features:

  • Summarize in Pixel Recorder.
  • Magic Compose in Google Messages.
  • Better Gboard Smart Replies.

How to Enable:

  • Enable Developer Options in Settings.
  • Search for “AI Core Settings” and download the large model.

2. Enhanced Productivity and Connectivity

The Pixel 8 series now supports Display Port, allowing you to connect your phone to a larger screen. This feature is perfect for watching movies or giving presentations on a bigger display.

Display Port Support:

  • Available on Pixel 8, Pixel 8A, and Pixel 8 Pro.
  • Connect to larger screens using a USB-C cable.

Reverse Phone Lookup:

  • Available on Pixel 6 and newer.
  • Quickly identify unknown callers from your call logs.

3. Security and Convenience Upgrades

The new Find My Device feature can locate your Pixel even when it’s turned off. This is a handy tool if you lose your phone, giving you a window of time to find it.

Find My Device:

  • Locate your Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro, or Pixel 8A even when turned off.
  • Works for about 23 hours after power down.

Pixel 8 Camera Improvements:

  • New HDR+ feature for better photos.
  • Automatically selects the best moment from a single shutter press.

4. Pixel Recorder App

The Pixel Recorder app now includes a summarize feature, which can detect and name speakers. This is especially useful for meetings or interviews, making it easier to follow who said what.

Summarize Feature:

  • Detects and includes speaker names.
  • Limited to US English for now.

Device Compatibility: Pixel 6 and newer.

Updates for Pixel Watch 2

The Pixel Watch 2 now has car crash detection, similar to what you might have seen on Pixel phones. If a severe accident is detected, the watch can contact emergency services automatically.

Car Crash Detection: Automatically contacts emergency services if a severe accident is detected.

Smart Home Control:

  • Redesigned Google Home app for Wear OS.
  • Control smart home devices from your watch face.

Google Home Enhancements

Google Home has also received updates, making it easier to control your smart home devices. The new favorites widget gives you quick access to your most-used devices.

Favorites Widget:

  • Available on all phones and tablets running Android 12 or higher.
  • Quick access to smart home controls without opening the app.

Camera and Photography Updates

Pixel devices now allow manual camera lens selection, giving you more control over your photos. This feature is available on several Pixel models, bringing them closer to the pro camera mode of the Pixel 8 series.

Manual Camera Lens Selection:

  • Available on Pixel Fold, Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 7 Pro.
  • Provides greater control over photo capturing.

Pro Camera Mode: Step towards full pro mode found on Pixel 8 series.

Additional Features and Improvements

Google has replaced the VPN by Google One with Pixel VPN, integrating it more seamlessly into your device. This change helps reduce notifications while keeping your data secure.

VPN by Google One:

  • New integrated experience for Pixel 7, 7 Pro, 7A, and Fold.
  • Replaces persistent Google One notification with Pixel VPN.

Haptic Feedback for Brightness Slider: Gentle vibration when reaching max or min brightness.

Touch Sensitivity: New settings for better usability and visual feedback.

QPR Beta Functionality

The June feature drop also includes some beta features from the QPR updates. These updates focus on improving password security and adding new camera controls.

Password and Passkey Updates: Shift towards more secure logins.

Advanced Camera Controls: New settings for third-party apps.

Final Thoughts on the June Google Feature Drop

The June feature drop from Google brings many new features and improvements across the Pixel ecosystem. Whether you’re using a Pixel phone, watch, or tablet, these updates aim to enhance your experience, making it more seamless and efficient. From improved AI capabilities and better camera controls to enhanced security and smart home integrations, there’s something in this update for everyone. Google is committed to continuously improving its devices and making them more useful in our daily lives.

So, if you own a Pixel device, this update is something to look forward to. Make sure to check your settings and download the latest feature drop to enjoy all these new additions. Google has once again shown that they are serious about innovation and user satisfaction. Stay tuned for more updates and keep exploring the new features to get the most out of your Pixel devices. Happy updating!