Steam Deck Review – Why Should You Buy It? | 3 Reasons

Steam Deck! The handheld console that we have been looking forward to since the PlayStation diverted totally towards their consoles. Nonetheless, the handheld console is now available for anyone to purchase after they release it on February 25, 2022.

You might have some doubt lingering deep with you saying that I don’t need a Steam Deck when I have a PC Setup, or I might regret getting it. No need to worry because when it comes to them there is absolutely nothing wrong with it that might make someone not get the console. Let’s start with a little review of the console before getting down to the main business.

Steam Deck Review - Why Should You Buy It? | 3 Reasons

Steam Deck Review (2023)

This is a new handheld console made by Valve Corporation that has caused a noticeable bang in the gaming community. Whether you are a PC gamer or a Console gamer, you will love this handheld console and you will never regret buying it. If you are a PC gamer like me, then ever since Valve announced the release date on July 15, 2021, I know you have just been counting the days.

Steam Deck Prices

The Steam Deck, like any other device, has not only 1 model released at launch but 3. They all vary mostly in storage and prices. Let us look at them.

1. 64GB eMMC Steam Deck – $399

This model only comes with a carrying case. The internal storage is 64GB HDD and it only costs $399 on their website.

2. 256GB NVMe SSD Steam Deck – $529

This is what you get when you purchase the 256GB NVMe model at $529 from their website.

  • Carrying Case
  • Faster SSD storage
  • Exclusive Steam Community profile bundle

3. 512GB NVMe SSD Steam Deck – $649

This is what you get when you purchase the 512GB NVMe model at $649 from their website.

  • Exclusive Carrying Case
  • Faster SSD storage
  • Exclusive Steam Community profile bundle
  • Premium anti-glare etched glass
  • The exclusive virtual keyboard theme

Reasons To Buy The Steam Deck

There are a lot of reasons to buy the Steam Deck, but we will just provide the most important ones that might be enticing enough to push you to buy the console. Here are some of the things that I most loved.

1. Ergonomics Of The Console

I have just had to acknowledge the amount of thought that the Valve corporation gave into the design of this handheld console. They did a good job and they know what the people want. The thumb stick is comfortable to use, and it does not make your thumb slip. Additionally, the shape of the console is created in a way that allows anyone to grasp it and play games comfortably, regardless of the size of their hands.

2. Speakers

As I said, the creators of this console conceived everything. For them to store the processing power of a whole computer. The console is even faster than most computers, so it would make sense for the cooling system (Fan) to make a little noise.

That is where the speakers come into play. The speaker is loud so you do not need to purchase any headset. The audio channels use stereo with embedded DSP for an immersive listening experience. Using that, you know that is pretty loud, even louder than some PCs.

3. Steam Cloud Play

This feature allows users to save their game data in a cloud that they can access on their handheld console anytime/anywhere. This is awesome. You can play a game on your PC and continue where you left off on your handheld Console on the go.

Well, these are the few quirks of the Steam Deck that might push you to buy this handheld console. But, if they are not enough to change your mind, there are a few tricks that the handheld console has that might impress you.


If you have truly read through this article, it should have shined a new light on the handheld console. So, do you think that you can buy a Steam Deck with absolutely no regrets? When you decide to get a steam deck because of this article, let me know in the comment section below.


Is a Steam Deck worth it?

Yeah, it is. The Steam Deck Console is worth and you will never regret getting it.

Is Steam Deck better than Switch?

After taking a poll, the result can be out in favor of the Steam console. This means that the people prepare the Steam Deck for the Nintendo Switch.

Can the Steam Deck run all games?

The Steam Deck can run all and any games that are available on PC. Or to be specific that is available in the Steam library.

Is Steam Deck a full PC?

Given that it has the next-gen processing power and powerful software, we can use the Steam Deck as a PC using the OTG feature.

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