The IDC Green Tourism Incentive Programme (2024)

The Green Tourism Incentive Programme (GTIP) marks five years of catalyzing positive change in the tourism industry by promoting sustainability through resource efficiency technologies. This initiative, managed by the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) under the Department of Tourism, encourages privately owned tourism enterprises to adopt responsible practices and invest in energy and water efficiency. As the application window opens, this article goes into the key details of GTIP, its focus areas, eligibility criteria, and the seamless application process.

 The IDC Green Tourism Incentive Programme (2024)

GTIP, launched in 2017 and revised in 2021, aims to assist small and micro tourism enterprises in implementing energy and water efficiency solutions. The program provides grants of up to R1 million, covering a range of sustainable technologies such as renewable energy systems, energy-efficient equipment, and water-saving solutions.

GTIP concentrates on sustainable energy and water efficiency solutions, excluding boreholes and desalination plants. The eligible solutions encompass renewable energy generating systems, energy and water-efficient equipment, lighting solutions, online metering, water-efficient appliances, water-sourcing systems, and the development of resource management policies.

Green Tourism Incentive Programme Approach and Funding Details

GTIP adopts a comprehensive approach covering the full cost of resource efficiency audits, conducted by assessors from its approved panel. The programme offers grant funding on a sliding scale from 50% to 90%, with the balance covered by the applicant. Notably, the grant does not cover VAT for registered enterprises.

Two-Phase Application Process

The application process comprises two phases:

Phase 1 – Energy and Water Efficiency Audit:

  • Eligibility criteria include being a privately-owned tourism-specific establishment, commitment to an audit or review, and submission of historic consumption data.
  • Download the application form, complete Section A, and submit to

Phase 2 – Funding Application:

  • Eligible applicants from Phase 1 demonstrate economic viability.
  • Complete Section B of the application form and submit to

Criteria for Qualifying for Funding of the Green Tourism Incentive Programme

Applicants must meet criteria such as star grading by the Tourism Grading Council, commitment to energy and water savings, and using GTIP-approved service providers. The scoring matrix focuses on the impact of proposed solutions, transformation, and enterprise size.

Grant Recipient Requirements and Review Process

Successful applicants must nominate service providers meeting specific criteria, including being registered entities, tax-compliant, and using SABS certified products. A verification process precedes service provider appointment.

Application Review Process:

  1. Eligibility assessment by IDC.
  2. Economic viability determination.
  3. Adjudication panel makes funding decisions.
  4. Grant agreements drafted and circulated.
  5. Applicants spend their own contribution before grant disbursement.
  6. Assessor verifies installations.
  7. Monitoring of actual savings 12-18 months post-installation.

GTIP emerges as a beacon for sustainable tourism, fostering responsible practices and supporting enterprises in their journey towards resource efficiency. As the application window for 2024 opens, tourism establishments are encouraged to embrace the opportunity and contribute to a greener, more sustainable industry.


Prospective applicants are advised to exercise caution against purported representatives or agents. The IDC and the Department of Tourism have not appointed agents or consultants for application assistance. The discretion to use consultants lies with the applicants. Also, for contact information, please go to the IDC website for more details.