10 Unforgettable Moments Family Guy Reveals What’s Under Meg’s Hat

In this article, we explore five instances where the Family Guy show provided a glimpse into Meg’s hidden world, her hat.

10 Times Family Guy Revealed What's Under Meg's Hat

Family Guy, the animated sitcom known for its irreverent humor and eccentric characters, often surprises its audience with unexpected twists and revelations. One recurring mystery that has intrigued fans over the years is what lies beneath Meg Griffin’s hat. In this article, we explore five instances where the show provided a glimpse into Meg’s hidden world.

1. Season 4, Episode 19: Meg’s Punk Rock Persona

Meg's Punk Rock Persona, Meg with Not Hat

In this notable episode, Season 4, Episode 19. Meg pretends to be a lesbian to join the Lesbian Alliance Club at her school. To maintain the facade, Meg adopts a punk rock persona, proclaiming herself a “super huge mega lesbian.” During this charade, her hat is conspicuously absent, emphasizing the lengths to which Meg goes to fit into this unexpected social group.

2. Season 5, Episode 8: Meg’s Obsession in “Barely Legal”

meg and brian with no hat

In this controversial episode, Season 5, Episode 8, titled “Barely Legal”. Meg’s obsession with Brian reaches unsettling heights after he takes her to the Junior Prom. Meg’s actions lead to the shocking scenario of her kidnapping Brian, and notably, her hat is off when she is shown next to the tied-up Brian, adding an unexpected layer to this dark and comedic twist in Meg’s character arc.

3. Season 9, Episode 12: Meg’s Crush on Joe Swanson

Meg's Crush on Joe Swanson with no hat

In this noteworthy episode, Season 9, Episode 12. Meg develops a crush on Joe Swanson, revealing a different side of her character. As Meg dresses up in a nice dress and prepares breakfast for Joe, her hat is noticeably absent. Adding a layer of vulnerability to the moment as she attempts to gauge Joe’s feelings towards her.

4. Season 10, Episode 10: Quagmire’s Attempt to Uncover Meg’s Secret

Meg with Brian has a Green hand under hat

Quagmire’s relentless pursuit of unconventional pursuits took an unexpected turn in Season 10, Episode 10. When Meg turned 18. Attempting to see Meg without her hat, Quagmire’s escapades added a comedic touch to the ongoing mystery surrounding Meg’s hidden features. The failed attempt and Quagmire’s classic antics left viewers both amused and sympathetic towards Meg’s perpetual enigma.

5. Season 11, Episode 7: The Baby Meg Revelation

Meg as a baby with no with heart on head
From: Youtube (Olivier Levo)

In a surprising turn of events during Season 11, Episode 7, viewers were treated to a rare sight—Meg Griffin as a baby without her signature hat. This momentous revelation showcased Meg’s infancy, exposing an anomaly that defied anatomical norms. Her heart was located where her brain should be. The visual gag left audiences both puzzled and amused, as the show played with the absurdity of Meg’s character.

6. Season 11, Episode 7 (Again): Heart Palpitations

Megs heart Palpitations  through heart

Returning to Season 11, Episode 7, the show once again teased viewers with a revealing moment. During a scene where Meg experiences heart palpitations, the animation takes a creative turn by allowing viewers to witness the palpitations through Meg’s hat. This visual metaphor provided a humorous take on Meg’s emotional and physiological struggles, emphasizing the absurdity of her character.

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7. Season 12, Episode 11: Meg’s Hatless Return from the Shriners Convention

Meg from the Shriners Convention with no hat

In Season 12, Episode 11, viewers were finally granted a clear view of Meg without her hat. The context for this rare occurrence was Meg’s return from the Shriners Convention. This moment added a touch of normalcy to Meg’s character, allowing fans to see her in a different light and sparking speculation about whether future episodes would further explore Meg’s character without the iconic headwear.

8. Season 13, Episode 9: Meg’s Foot Modeling

meg as a Foot Fet Model with no hat
From: Youtube (Jea Santi)

In the episode titled “This Little Piggy,” Season 13, Episode 9. Meg’s excitement about becoming a model takes an unexpected turn as she discovers it’s for the foot industry. The episode features Meg hatless as she takes photos, adding a unique and humorous twist to the ongoing exploration of Meg’s character.

9. Season 17, Episode 18: Lego Meg and Chris

meg and greg with lego head

In another bizarre twist during Season 17, Episode 18. When Lois Griffin embarked on a decluttering mission, audiences discovered that both Meg and Chris Griffin are, in fact, Lego characters. This unexpected revelation added a surreal dimension to the characters. Blending the animated world of Family Guy with the iconic plastic building blocks. Leaving fans questioning the boundaries of the show’s reality.

10. Season 21 Finale: Meg’s High and Tight Cut

Meg's High and Tight Cut

In the Season 21 finale, viewers witness a surprising turn of events as Meg Griffin sits at the dining table, her hat pulled down to her ears, revealing a fresh high and tight cut. Despite her efforts to grab everyone’s attention, the family continues to ignore her. Showcasing the ongoing theme of Meg’s overlooked presence.


Family Guy’s willingness to play with conventions and surprise its audience has made Meg Griffin’s hat a symbol of mystery and curiosity. These ten instances provided brief glimpses into the enigma beneath the hat. Each revealing a facet of Meg’s character that added to the show’s comedic charm. As Family Guy continues to evolve, fans can only anticipate what future episodes may uncover about Meg Griffin and the secrets hidden beneath her distinctive headwear.